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The scars of a sweet paradise, a story by Ela Wine Lady, an entry for a Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #MWWC34

The scars of a sweet paradise #MWWC34

[This is an entry for this month’s Wine Writing Challenge #MWWC34]   With love and respect to those who try to forget. Michelle was not, what you would call, a wine lover. She was neither a wine person, nor any ...
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Arnold Schwarzenegger Libourne Fete Le Vin with Wine Lady

Fete Le Vin with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Libourne

Life is full of surprises, whether you believe in it or not. Mostly, they come to us when we don’t expect them, yet often times it’s the moment when we need them the most. Thinking I could ever see my ...
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Wine Lady shares wine expert tips and the key for how to have a sucessful presence online

How to have a successful presence online?

How much time do you spend on thinking what could you do to attract more people to your wine blog? Are you happy with the number of people who follow you on social media and engage with what you publish ...
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Ela Wine Lady, the lady in wine and wine woman, with passion for wine, wine marketing and wine business

I'm Ela, so nice to meet you!

I live in the heart of wine world, near Saint Emilion, and I am extremely passionate about wine. I am also truly enthusiastic about an online world, e-marketing and modern business models. Ready to discover more about who I am and what I do?