2015 harvest report update, 9th of September

We are confident of volume as well as quality of the grapes! Berries are healthy and concentrated, bunches are big and clean and the weather is perfect for picking. I am in touch with winemakers and winegrowers to provide you my harvest report update.

Let’s get through what’s going on at the moment:


Bordeaux, France

Right Bank.

Whites (first Sauvignon Blancs) have been already picked and they are fermenting in the wineries. Other Sauvignon Blancs (for fuller and riper style) are still on vines, to be picked within the next 3-5 days.
Semillons are almost at their maturity level, people will get start picking once the berries get the aromatic level. Some Semillons have already been picked.

Cabernet Franc is ready for picking for rose wines.

Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon for reds have a very good potential, but we need to wait longer. Merlots are quite high in degree (potential alcohol), berries are still firm and skins are thick, grapes are clean (no disease). I think we will probably start harvesting 20/21 of September.

The weather has been amazing during last week! Days are very sunny and warm – about 25-28 degrees with no rain, while nights are cool – about 12-15 degrees. The forecast is good – sun and hot (30+ degrees) at the end of this week with possible rain early next week. Keep an eye on the weather and fingers crossed for an outstanding vintage!


Left Bank.

There’s a preoccupation of rot in the Left Bank because of the heavy rain at the end of August. Grapes look good and are healthy but need an attention if it comes to any weather changes.

In Sauternes there are great conditions for the botrytis and last week Chateau d’Yquem started their first wave of picking! The white for the dry white has been picked at the end of August.

In Pessac – Leognan the first picking of whites has started at the beginning of September. The main part will follow this week. The concentration and maturity of grapes seems to be perfect, so we have high expectations if it comes to whites from 2015 vintage.


Languedoc-Roussillon, France

Our Grenache vineyards in Maury look perfect! The fruit has about 13.5 potential of alcohol at the moment. The berries are clan, maturity is coming, we just need to wait for the colour and aromas and the perfect maturity a little longer.

Most of whites (Grenache Blanc, Muscat, Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc) are picked and the rest (mostly Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc) is still being picked.

At Limoux winegrowers are going to pick Chardonnay probably this Friday with following harvest of Chenin Blanc a bit later.

Red grapes for roses have been picked already (Cinsault in Languedoc and Grenache in flats of Roussillon).

Pinot Noir has also been picked in Roussillon and at other places is being picked at the moment.

The rest of reds (Merlot, Grenache, Cabernet, Syrah, Carignan) still need a few days and the harvest will probably start at the end of next week in general.

The weather is good, sunny and warm (up to 30+ degrees) with lots of nice Tramontane wind.



Loire Valley, France

The vintage is looking pretty but very small. In the Touraine they started to pick everything at the end of last week; Muscadet has started as well.
All the other appellations will follow after, this and beginning of next week.

Piedmont, Italy

I got harvest 2015 updates from my dear friend, Marta, who is based in Piedmont. Moscato has been picked already, Dolcetto harvest started last Monday.

Grapes look good and are very complex. The weather is also good.

The plan is to pick Barbera at the end of September and Nebbiolo in first half of October – but all depends on the weather, so fingers crossed!



That’s it for now – that was the 2nd harvest report update for the vintage 2015. Do you have any other news from other wine regions of the world? If so, please share them in the comments below!

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