2017 Wine Lovers Challenge

Wine Lovers Challenge 2017 with Wine Lady

Let’s have some fun together! Join me in 2017 Wine Lovers Challenge and enjoy making your wine dreams come true. New Year is not only about goals and resolutions but also dreams. Let’s make 2017 special!



What do you dream of?

Would you like to have an old vintage of your favourite wine?

Or perhaps you are dreaming of visiting a new wine region?

What about reading a few wine books or writing your own one?

As a wine lover, what would you like to achieve?


Challenge yourself and write down all the wine dreams you would like to make real in 2017. Click To Tweet


Challenge yourself and write down all the wine dreams you would like to make real in 2017. Then promise yourself to do everything you can to make it real. You can write a post on your wine blog and publish updates during the year. At the end of 2017 we will be celebrating your success together! You can also Tweet about your progress using the hashtag #2017wlc or join the event on Facebook and place your progress there.

I am raising my glass to you!


Wine Lady – 2017 Wine Lovers Challenge

As I set up goals for my wine businesses during the year, the fashionable New Year’s resolutions are not a big thing for me. Each year, though, I challenge myself to do something good for myself as a wine lover.


In 2017 I challenge myself to:

  1. Read 6 wine books I haven’t read before
  2. Watch 6 wine films I haven’t seen before
  3. Visit 1 wine region I haven’t visited before  (completed: January 2017)
  4. Visit 3 other wine regions I have already been to, but make the most of them this time
  5. Taste at least 3 wines per month, which are not French ones (you would be surprised how difficult it is to buy good non French wine in France!)
  6. Visit Le Cite du Vin in Bordeaux


Well, cheers to that!


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My 2017 challenge updates:

January 2017:

  1. I’ve almost finished reading a book that my partner got for Christmas ”How to drink and not look like an idiot”. I started to read it as a joke, because it is this type of book, that I would normally not even look at ;) But as every year he gets some weird books (2014: ”Beer makes daddy strong”, 2015: ”How it works: The Husband” :p) and every year I manage to read them, this year’s one fits the challenge because it is about wine. If it comes to the book itself, it might be a good gift for someone who is interested in wine and would like to find out more about wines and spirits in an easy way.
  2. Nope, no films at all this month ;)
  3. Yuppi!! I’ve completed that one, as at the end of January and beginning of February I’ve visited Banyuls and Collioure for the first time. It’s been such a great trip!
  4. I’ve made some progress with this one as well, as I have visited Maury and discovered some wonderful facts about it. Still, two more regions to go!
  5. I’ve completed this one in January, I just don’t have the photos of all of them to prove it! ;) I had Amarone (here’s a pic) and Barolo from Italy. I also tasted an Australian red, but don’t even remember the name (shame on me!). For the next month I definitely need to improve my proof-photos library of those non French wines ;)
  6. still not completed, but the summer season is on its way ;))


February 2017:

  1. I’ve almost finished another wine book, hooray! It is my second attempt to this book, as I started it two years ago and abandoned after first few pages due to its scientific language; you do remember, that English is my second language, don’t you? :p This time, however, I am getting through very well and I am really enjoying it. Plus I’ve improved my English chemistry vocabulary a lot! So, what’s the book? Jamie Goode ‘The science of Sauvignon Blanc”. If you are interested in New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and reading scientific-type of books doesn’t bother you, then you will enjoy this book a lot.
  2. No wine films this month ;)
  3. No new region visited this month, but I’ve planned some new trips in the near future, so stay tuned ;)
  4. Apart from the last trip to the Midi at the end of January and beginning of February, I have spent time at home, visiting Saint Emilion vineyards, but I’m afraid that one doesn’t count :p
  5. Here’s a  (1) Franciacorta (pic), (2) Australian Shiraz (no pic, wasn’t good anyway) and (3) another Australian Shiraz, Barrel Monkeys, also no pic ;) Instead, I’ve got a pic of my gin tasting, which is something unusual for me :p
  6. No Le Cite du Vin in February as well.



March 2017

I have not done too much this month in order to complete more on my challenge list. I had only one wine that was not a French one (Barolo from Italy, a pic is here). I still have a few last pages of the book to read. Just to remind you – I read Jamie Goode’s ‘The science of Sauvignon Blanc”; interesting yet may be difficult to read for those who speak English as a second language. No films, no Cite du Vin and not even one wine region visited. I do not mention Saint Emilion and Pomerol, as I’m there on a daily basis, so I do not include any of these two into my challenge ;)


April 2017



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