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I loved the Bobule (2008) film. It was not only funny but also inspiring, idyllic and simply beautiful. I was very excited while the sequel, 2Bobule, came out. I’ve been waiting for another dose of great humour, Czech wine, and beautiful Moravian landscapes. After the first film, my expectations were very high. I think they were too high…


2Bobule film review by Wine Lady
Klarka and Honza at their Adamkovo Vineyards (source: internet)


Let’s start from the beginning: The Story

After Honza took over his grandfather’s vineyards, he’s trying to make the straw wine*, with not very good results, or, what can be more accurate, with no results at all. He lives together with his girlfriend, Klara, in Honza’s grandfather’s old house.

The house is falling apart: no fresh water, flooded basement, damaged roof and broken doors… it looks like nothing works as it should.



Lack of money and difficulties in the vineyard are not helping in Honza’s and Klara’s relationship and the arrival of Honza’s best friend, Jirka, is making things worse, as both they drink too much and get into trouble because of that. Klarka is moving out.

Neither Honza nor Jirka is aware of the troubles they are in because of Jirka’s secret affair with Marie, a daughter of a respected businessman. After he finds out his daughter is pregnant, he hires a murderer to get rid of Jirka.

Things are getting more complicated and all the characters meet in Honza’s house in Moravia, where finally they can sort things out.


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2Bobule from my point of view

I’ve watched the sequel of Bobule (2008), because I had hoped I’d be:

  1. Laughing at least as loud as while watching the first one
  2. Enjoying the characters as much as I loved them in the first one
  3. Loving the countryside idyll life as I did while watching the first one
  4. Amazed by the landscapes of the vineyards of Moravy, which looked so beautiful in the first film


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It feels like, unfortunately, most of the best elements from Bobule are missing in the sequel.

The characters are not funny; there is neither situational humour nor anecdotal one anymore. In general, some of the parts of the film are simply… boring.

I laughed once really loud, when Marie’s father, a respected businessman and a guy who hire a murderer, came out in a t-shirt with ‘this is my face after party’; that was hilarious.


2Bobule film review by Wine Lady


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Jirka and Honza haven’t evolved too much after the first movie and what has been funny about them in Bobule, is not funny in 2Bobule anymore. They are a bit too serious and they lack of personalities, comparing to how their characters were build in the first film.

Klarka, portrayed by Tereza Voriskova, although still beautiful, doesn’t bring the freshness and romantic elements to the film. Above that, I feel like she is not there even if I can see her. A pity, because she was a great character in the first film, more interesting and advanced.

The only one person I really enjoyed watching was Irena Kocurikova (played by Jana Švandová) as she was the most interesting character of all. There were a few moments when I was positively surprised by her. I enjoyed her character being so proud and elegant and strong at the same time.


2Bobule film review from Wine Lady
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Unfortunately, the director lost the idyll of the Moravian countryside life. It was the strongest element in the first film and the sequel doesn’t show it at all.

I can understand the story, where Honza and Klara have problems, when Jirka puts everybody into even bigger troubles, when life is not as idyllic as it was, but I think Mr. Vlad Lanné (film director and screenwriter) and Mr. Ru Tomáš Holeček (screenwriter) could bring out the beauty of the countryside life and for some reasons they didn’t.



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The Moravian vineyards appear in the film a few times, but it’s not enough and, in my opinion, they don’t show the beauty of the Moravian wine region.

Moreover for some reasons it looks like the movie was filmed with a law quality picture camera or a phone… unless someone responsible for special effects used a filter to make it ‘original’.. yes, things like that happens ;)


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Should I be more of ‘tabula rasa’ before watching this film? Maybe my expectations were too high? Or maybe it is just not my type of humor anymore? Perhaps I should not compare it to the first part that much.

Anyway, I’m not saying 2Bobule is a bad film, it’s just not as interesting and beautiful as was the first one. You can watch it in one go, you’ll probably laugh a little and it may be a good way to relax on Sunday afternoon.

Please, consider this review as a friendly advice: don’t expect 2Bobule to be as great as Bobule, it will help you not to be disappointed.


2Bobule Trailer:

(YouTube license)

2Bobule film details:

Title: 2Bobule
Other titles: 2Grapes (international)
Country and year of production: Czech Republic, 2009
Time: 94 mins
Genres: comedy
Direction: Vlad Lanné
Screenplay: Tomáš Holeček
Cast:   Kryštof Hádek; Lukáš Langmajer; Tereza Voříšková; Jiří Korn; Jana Švandová; Jiří Krampol; Lubomír Lipský;


Have you seen 2Bobule? If so, what do you think about it? Did you like it? Share your thoughts, I’d be glad to read your comments!



* straw wine – a wine made from grapes that have been laid out on mats of straws to dry, to concentrate the flavours; also called raisin wine.


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