50 shades of Sweetness #3

Recently I’ve published my anniversary thoughts and two wine lists – reds and whites.This is third and the last one with wine list. If you haven’t read the previous articles please start here:

To be honest, I hadn’t planned this sweet wine list. However since some time I am more interested in fortified wines, therefore I decided to share it with you. I was a bit worried that – because of my short romance with sweet/fortified wines – I will have problems with collecting 50 wines from last year but fortunately I had even more and I had to choose to fit fifty. You will see influence of Maury wines and Australian fortified ones and to all of them I would like to say THANK YOU for attracting my attention. Alphabetical order.


  1. 100 years in oak Vintage Tawny 1915 Seppeltsfield Barossa Valley, Australia – amber and some greeny hues; aroma of toffee; caramel, nut and coffee on the palate
  2. Cellar Reserve Viognier 2014, Barossa Valley, Australia – concentrated with quite high acidity, with honey, apricot and lemony freshness
  3. Chabert de Barbera Maury Tuile 1985, Roussillon, France – lots of dried dark fruits with intense plum flavours; a hint of caramel and dark honey
  4. Collet Wines MV Very Old Fortified 20 years, McLaren Vale, Australia – hazelnut, caramel, coffee; long finish with nuts and coffee
  5. Coteaux du Layon Premier Cru Chaume 2013, Loire Valley, France – well-balanced, full of honey with a note of dried stone fruits
  6. Cuvee du Centenaire Tuile, Maury, France – well-balanced, silky, with elegant tannins; dried fruits, coffee, cigars and a hint of walnuts on the finish
  7. Cuvee Volupte Coteaux du Layon 2011, Saint Aubin de Luigne, France – delicate and quite dry aroma in contrast to luscious sweet palate full of mirabells, honey and peaches
  8. Domaine des Soulanes Vin Doux Naturel 2013, Maury, France – sweet with some dry notes, unbelievably balanced with dried plum, liquorice and fennel
  9. Domaine du Petit Val Bonnezeaux 2011, Chavagnes, France – mirabelle sweeteness balanced with apple acidity; finish long with figs, caramel and sweet spices
  10. Father Grand Tawny Penfolds, Barossa Valley, Australia – sweet brioche, hazelnuts, coffee and caramel; long nutty finish
  11. Grand Father 20 years Rare Tawny, Barossa Valley, Australia – well-balanced, complex and concentrated; nuts, coffee, honey and caramel
  12. Grenat Vendage Maury 2012, Roussillon, France – well-balanced, fresh, silky; blackberry, black cherry, blueberry with vanilla and sweet spices
  13. Henschke Noble Rot Semillon 2013, Eden Valley, Australia – sweet, easy to drink, quite short but well-balanced; red apple, dried apricot, flowers and honey
  14. La Font del Bosc Vin Doux Naturel 2004, Maury, France – complex, concentrated and well-balanced;lots of blackberries, dried plum and sweet spices
  15. La Font del Bosc Vin Doux Naturel 2005, Maury, France – beautifully sweet with high acidity, blackberry and dried plum flavours and a hint of sweet spices on the finish
  16. La Magia 2013, McLaren Vale, Australia – oily, full of flavours of mirabelles, cherries and sweet apple; high acidity and finish with mirabelles
  17. La Roche aux Moines Cuvee de l’Abbesse 2008, Loire Valley, France – lots of persume in the aroma, honey, pear and vanilla on the palate
  18. Maury Ambre 2004, Roussillon, France – raisins, dried plum, honey, cinnamon and a hint of lemon peel
  19. Maury Grenat Pollen 2013, Roussillon, France – rich, concentrated, with very good structure; black currant, blackberry, black cherry and sweet spices
  20. Maury Vieille Reserve 1985, Roussillon, France – balanced, full of fruits and honey with a note of cigars
  21. Montefalco Sagrantino Azienda Agraria Scacciadiavoli 2007, Umbria, Włochy – sweeteness, strong tannins, red dried fruits and high acidity
  22. Old Benson Fine Old Tawny Port Solera Aged, McLaren Vale, Australia – very sweet, delicate with dried plum and dried apricot and subtle hint of coffee
  23. Old Windmill Grand Tawny 15 years, Langhorne Creek, Australia – beautifully balanced, fresh and pure; walnuts, caramel, honey and toast
  24. Quarts de Chaume Grand Cru, Loire Valley, France – rich, full and fresh at the same time; flower notes with honey, apricot and spices
  25. Paramount Collection DP62 Museum Reserve Muscat, Barossa valley, Australia – very sweet, but it is a nice sweeteness; raisins, caramel, hazelnut and coffee
  26. Parri Estate Port Shiraz Grenache Cabernet Sauvignon 2007, McLaren Vale, Australia – caramel, coffee, hazelnut, dried plum; fresh and well-balanced
  27. Rare Muscat The Empire Series NV, McLaren Vale, Australia – lots of coffee and dark chocolate flavours with nuts, white raisins, honey and dried apple
  28. Rare Tawny 15 years Peter Lehman, Barossa Valley, Australia – nice sweeteness, good balance, lots of flavours – coffee, toffii, caramel and some nuts on the finish
  29. Selection de Grains Nobles Buhlmann 2011, Alzacja, France – rich and balanced with apple, honey and orange flavours
  30. Seppeltsfield Vintage Port 1884, Barossa Valley, Australia – amazing green colour, very concentrated, lots of honey and some caramel notes
  31. Seppeltsfield Vintage Port 1914, Barossa Valley, Australia – balanced, complex, concentrated; coffee, toffee and nut flavours
  32. Seppeltsfield Vintage Port 1918, Barossa Valley, Australia – complex, well-balanced and very sweet; nutty with a hint of coffee and caramel
  33. Seppeltsfield Vintage Port 1944, Barossa Valley, Australia – different than others, lots of spices and bitterness of walnut and a hint of honeydew
  34. Seppeltsfield Vintage Port 1945, Barossa Valley, Australia – a bit sticky, luscious with hazelnuts, caramel and honey flavours
  35. Seppeltsfield Vintage Port 1947, Barossa Valley, Australia – fresh, balanced, luscious; dried plum, coffee, chocolate, hazelnut and accacia honey
  36. Seppeltsfield Vintage Port 1977, Barossa Valley, Australia – well-balanced, complex, full of coffee with caramel and dried fruits flavours
  37. Seppeltsfield Vintage Port 1984, Barossa Valley, Australia – balanced, tastes of ripe plum jam, caramel with a note of coffee and hazelnut
  38. The Banished Fortified Grenache 20 years, McLaren Vale, Australia – zfull and long; coffee, toffee, nuts and ash
  39. The Devil Tawny 20 years, McLaren Vale, Australia – amazing combination of nuts and caramel with christmas cake
  40. The King Cabernet & Touriga AD 2001, Barossa Valley, Australia – easy and simple to drink; liquorice, dried plum, almonds and chocolate
  41. The King AD 2002, Barossa Valley, Australia – a bit watery but very easy to drink with round tannins and good balance; raisins, dried plum and liquorice
  42. The Old’s Man’s Liqueur Grenache, McLaren Vale, Australia – balanced and full of flavours: coffee, honey, thyme, rosemary and fruits (plum, dried apricot, mirabelle)
  43. The Right Nut 20 yo Liqueur Muscat, McLaren Vale, Australia – beautiful nut flavours with caramel and spicy finish with a hint of honey and coffee
  44. The Wise One Bleasdale Fortified Shiraz 2008, Langhorne Creek , Australia – tastes like Christmas cakes; lots of cloves, cinnamon, dried apples and raisins
  45. The Veteran Very Old Fortified Penny’s Hill NV, McLaren Vale, Australia – full bodied, well balanced; honey, nuts and toffee and a note of coffee
  46. Tuile Rancio Vin Doux Naturel NV, Maury, France – dried fruits, quince, marzipan, caramel and nuts with long finish
  47. Woodstock Botrytis Semillon The Year 2013, McLaren Vale, Australia – luscious with high acidity; pear, apple, flowers, mirabelle and honey
  48. Vintage Fortified Shiraz 2014, McLaren Vale, Australia – Beautiful! The bouquet is earthy and full of truffles while mouth are lusciously sweet with plum, sweet cherry and dried apricot
  49. Volupte Vendages Tardives Domaines des Herbauges 2010, Loire Valley, France – well-balanced, fresh and light; vanilla, succades and a hint of honey
  50. Yellow Label Reserve Fortified Tawny NV, Australia Południowa – sweeteness of very ripe green plum, white raisins, mirabelle, dried plum and apricot


Who like fortified and sweet wines? Do you have your favourites? Feel free to share in the comments section below!

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