Aloxe-Corton Les Boutieres 2010

A great Pinot Noir from Burgundy’s Aloxe-Corton Appellation Controlee made by Domaine La Tour de Brully – Les Boutieres 2010.

I am not (hmm.. I haven’t been?) a huge fan of Burgundy’s Pinot Noirs. However, lately I become more and more aware of their subtle beauty. It’s not all about the bomb of aromas and rich palate during the tasting, is it? The more Burgundy I taste, the more I admire the power of their delicate flavours.


Les Boutieres 2010 is a bright, light red coloured wine with subtle cranberry and red cherry aromas.The bouquet also consist of black tea, herbs, violets and a very delicate truffle note.

In the mouth the wine is quite full with pronounced fruit ripeness (2010 was a hot vintage!). Les Boutieres 2010 is harmonious and supple wine with fresh, light acidity and very soft tannins. Firm, silky consistency and round structure go together with delicate, elegant fruit flavours.

It tastes of red currant, red cherry and unripe plum with a note of bitter spices, some forest floor notes, truffles and liquorice.The finish is medium-long with some spices and a hint of red fruits.

Aloxe Corton Les Boutieres  2010 is not a wine that gives you full ‘blow-up-flavour’ experience at the beginning of the tasting, but you will enjoy the consistent pleasure its delicacy on a high, steady level.

Aloxe Corton Les Boutieres 2010 Domaine La Tour de Brully


Domaine La Tour de Brully Les Boutieres 2010 – wine details:

Wine – Aloxe-Corton, Les Boutieres
Country – France
Region – Burgundy, Cotes de Beaune
Appellation – Aloxe-Corton AOC
Vintage – 2010
Grape varieties – Pinot Noir
Producer – Domaine La Tour de Brully
Style and type – still, red, dry
Alcohol – %
Serving temperature – 16-18°C
Cellaring – yes
Price range – 30-40 Euro

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