Personalized Tasting Workshops

Personalized Wine Tasting

your own unique adventure with wine tasting

Personalized Wine Tasting workshops are dedicated to wine explorers, who wish to customize their unique event so that it meet their sophisticated needs. Let me know what type of tasting you dream of and I will do my best in order to provide you the most unforgettable wine experience of your holidays in the wine paradise.

You will enjoy the wine in a familiar and cosy ambiance of your own holiday apartment.

For who?

For individuals, small and bigger groups. It is a perfect fit for wine amateurs as well as wine professionals. The event will be fully personalized to meet your own needs.

What’s on

Here are few examples of customized tasting workshops of my guests’ dream lists:

  • ‘Tour de France’ – 5 French wines from different wine regions to taste, including an introduction to wine tasting, the differences in the soil and grape varieties between those regions and methods of production.
  • ‘Bordeaux in all colours’ – 4 Bordeaux wines to taste (red, white, rose, sweet) with an introduction to wine tasting. Includes an explanation of the main characteristics, the production methods, terroir and basic characteristics of the grapes used to produce each wine.
  • ‘Grands Crus of Saint Emilion’ – a comparison of wines that represent different levels of classification of Saint Emilion wines: Saint Emilion Premier Grand Cru Classe B, Saint Emilion Grand Cru Classe, Saint Emilion Grand Cru with a short introduction to the famous Saint Emilion classification, differences in the terroir in Saint Emilion and wine characteristics, with historical findings of the famous town.
  • Saint Emilion vs Pomerol – 4 wines to taste (2 Saint Emilion, 2 Pomerol) with an introduction to wine tasting. The workshop includes the explanation of the differences in the terroir between those two subregions, basic characteristics of the grape varieties, and wine characteristics – Pomerol vs Saint Emilion.
  • Left Bank vs Right Bank – 4 wines to taste (2 reds from Right Bank and 2 reds from Left Bank), with an introduction to wine tasting. The workshop includes the short introduction to Bordeaux wine region, and the explanation of the differences in the terroir and grape varieties between Left Bank and Right Bank.

Where & How

The event will take place in your holiday apartment, so you don’t have to worry about driving the car after tasting nor booking the taxi. Moreover, you can keep an eye on your kids or pets if they are with you. I will arrive to your holiday apartment with all the tasting equipment. Click here to read more about how to prepare yourself for an ‘in-villa’ tasting workshop.

As the tasting will be fully personalized, I will create an event according to your needs. You will be provided with the details about what’s included within your personalized workshop via email.


The duration of the personalized tasting workshop will depend on the theme of the event you and your guests(s) will choose.

Please keep in mind that I will arrive about 10-15 minutes before the tasting starts in order to prepare the table.

Opening Hours

Every day, all year round.

By appointment only.


The price depend on the type of tasting workshop, the amount of participants, the wines we will taste etc. Please contact me to get the personalized quote.

Extras & Useful Info

  • Practical tips about how to prepare yourself for an ‘in-villa’ tasting workshop – read more here.
  • Check out FAQ to find out more details about tasting workshops – click here to read more.
  • When booking another tasting workshop (or excursion) with me during your stay, you will get 10% off for the second tasting workshop (or excursion).