Winemaking Experience

Wine-Making Experience

become a winemaker and make your own wine


Discover the art of wine making during this blending workshop. Find out what it takes to make one bottle of wine and why decisions are so important during the process. What kind of problems winemakers need to face on each stage of making wine, why they need to choose the yeasts, type of barrels to put wines in, when to start picking, etc. After this short introduction you will make your own wine using three samples, you will create a name and alabel for your wine.

You will enjoy the wine in a familiar and cosy ambiance of your own holiday apartment. During the blending workshop you will have three wine samples to your disposition in order to make your own wine. At the end of the workshop we will taste a Bordeaux wine accompanied by a plate of regional delicacies to share.


For who?

The tasting workshop is suitable for groups (12-18 people) as well as for smaller groups (7-11 people) and individuals (2-6 people), who want to learn more about the way the wine is made in Bordeaux.

It doesn’t matter whether you area novice taster or a wine professional, I can guarantee you – after the ‘Wine-Making Experience’ you will never look at the wine the same way as before…


What’s on

  • the introduction to Bordeaux wines and Bordeaux wine classification
  • main grape varieties of the region and their basic characteristic
  • the art of wine making
  • basic wine-making vocabulary – barrels, yeast, ageing, maturing, maceration, etc
  • blending workshop & competition – you make your own wine, create the label and the name for your wine
  • a finished wine to taste with a short introduction to wine tasting
  • exclusive – there is a possibility for a Bordeaux winemaker to join you for the tasting (additional costs +50e)


Where & How

The event will take place in your holiday apartment, so you don’t have to worry about driving the car after tasting nor booking the taxi, as well you can keep an eye on your kids or pets if they are with you. I will arrive to your holiday apartment with all the tasting equipment. Click here to read more about how to prepare yourself for an ‘in-villa’ tasting workshop.

I will start with a short introduction of the Bordeaux wines and the main grape varieties with their basic characteristics.

Secondly, I will reveal for you the secrets of wine making, providing the basic wine-making vocabulary and introducing you to the many decisions winemakers need to face during the process. You will find out what it takes to make one bottle of wine and what affects the final price of a bottle of wine.

Then, using the knowledge you’ve just learned and your senses (and the wine samples, of course), you will create your own blend. Not only the wine matters, as for your final blend you’ll be asked to provide the name and the label, as well. Therefore open yourself for an artistic and creative experience.

You will be working as a team (2-5 people, depending on how big the group is) and at the end of the workshop each team will present their wine in a small competition game!

Lastly, we will taste a bottle of Bordeaux wine and I will introduce you shortly to the art of tasting. The tasting will be accompanied by a plate of delicacies to share.



The tasting workshop will last about 2 -2.5 hours, maximum to three hours with optional winemaker’s presence.

Please keep in mind that I will arrive about 10-15 minutes before the tasting starts in order to prepare the table (or a 25 mins for big groups)


Opening Hours

Every day, all year round.

By appointment only.



Depending on the amount of people, from 25e per person

20 and more people – 25 EUR per person

14-19 people- 30 EUR per person

10-13 people – 35 EUR per person

5-9 people – 45 EUR per person

2- 4 people -55 EUR per person

+50 EUR for winemaker to join us during the tasting (optional, on request)


Extras & Useful Info

  • You may choose from: (1) making a white wine blend, (2) making a red wine blend.
  • Please check out the ‘Personalized tasting’ section, if you are looking for a personalized event – click here.
  • Practical tips about how to prepare yourself for an ‘in-villa’ tasting workshop – read more here.
  • Check out FAQ to find out more details about tasting workshops – click here to read more.
  • When booking another tasting workshop (or excursion) with me during your stay, you will get 10% off for the second tasting workshop (or excursion).