10 most beautiful wine moments in life

10 most beautiful moments in life of wine lovers - a wonderful sharing by Wine Lady

My 10 most beautiful wine moments are mostly my ‘first times’ with wine. When I started my adventure with wine I was pure and innocent, such as empty pages of the book that are ready to be filled in with words that tell a story.

Over the years I’ve been writing down in this ‘book’ my new experiences, wine knowledge, dreams and memories. They form my wine story. They are the fondation of my wine passion. They are mine and no one can take them away from me.

The list of memories with best wine moments is getting longer, so is the list of my wine dreams. Luckily, there are more and more chances of collecting the most beautiful wine moments in life. Moreover, I think many of us, wine lovers, have similar ‘top ten’ of our best wine memories…

Are you ready to see the 10 most beautiful wine moments many wine lovers share?




  1. When you visit a wine region, winery and vineyards for the first time in your life.

The very first look at the vineyard, the first heartbeat and you know that there is no way out.

The first visit to the winery and you feel like your head is exploding from too many questions you seek answers to from now on.

Your first visit in the underground wine cellar with hundreds of wine barrels and you wish they were yours. You know what I mean, non? ;)

This is what happened to me while visiting Bordeaux vineyards and wineries for the first time in my life. They are one of the best moments of my life.


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The true passion, curiosity, fascination and love from the first sight. I still feel it deep in my heart, although it’s been four years since that first visit.

As soon as I enter the undiscovered area of the wine world, no matter whether it is a famous chateau in Bordeaux or a small winery in Roussillon, I feel like I have to get to know everything about the wines, the winemakers, the ideas and stories behind the labels.

An infinite lust that ignites from within and it seems like I will never have enough.. you feel the same, don’t ya? ;)


Wine Lady Bordeaux



  1. When you drink your own vintage.

It doesn’t matter whether the wine is expensive or not, you drink the wine that have been produced the same year you were born. The same year!

Believe me, it does not matter whether the wine is good or not. You will not notice any mistakes; you’ll love it no matter what. Why? Because you drink a few decades of your own life; you taste your childhood, you sip your teenage years and your adulthood. That matters. These are the memories you will write in your ‘book’ and they will stay in your heart for ever.

Think about the time of the year you were born… what was going on in the vineyard and the winery at that time? Maybe the day of your birth was the harvest day? Or maybe it was the day when the grapes started to change colour while still growing on the vine? That wine is as ‘old’ as you are. Isn’t it beautiful?


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  1. When you drink vintages of your beloved ones and vintages of important events from the history of the world.

The fact that I tried the wine from my own vintage was one special thing, but the vintages of my parents or the world wars, that was something I would never forget!

One sip and there was the life of my wonderful parents in front of my eyes. There was gratitude and my heart filled with love. These moments are worth living.

Another sip and I could feel the anxiety of the people who fought during The First World War and The Second World War. I could feel their fears, joys and sorrows; I could feel their strength and devotion; their faith and hope. They were all sealed in a single drop of each wine I tasted that day. Incredible!


Wine Lady on a wine blog about Old Vintage Port 1914 from Seppeltsfield


  1. When you drink wine that is older you’d ever imagine the wine could be.

I enjoyed the every wine-opportunity I have received from the Universe while visiting Australia. But even I, with all of my creativity, could not imagine that someone would offer me something so amazing that almost improbable. I’ve been proposed to try a wine produced one hundred years before I was born…

The 1884 Seppeltsfield Vintage Port was a light bronze coloured wine with green hues (green pea- colour). The aroma was delicate and honey-like with nuts and subtle burned coffee notes. The palate was thick and syrupy, full of walnuts, coffee, caramel and burned honey. I can’t say it was the best wine taste-wise, but it was definitely very emotional moment for me.

A wine from 1884, the oldest I’ve ever tasted. That day I tasted the 131 years of the history of the world!! Vintage 1884 – I still cannot believe it!


Wine Lady on wine blog about Old Vintage Port 1884 from Seppeltsfield



Enjoy the read of Wine Lady wine blog post


  1. When you win your first bottle of wine or get the bottle you were dreaming of for so long.

I remember my first event with Bordeaux Oxygene, the association that brings together the young generation of major French winemakers and wine producers. I felt a bit lost among all of those wonderful wine people but I remember having great time with them.


Wine Lady winning a double magnum during Bordeaux Oxygene - unforgettable wine moments in life
photo credit: Panos Kakaviatos


About midnight there was a business card lottery with a bottle of wine as a prize. It wasn’t just any bottle of wine. It was a double magnum made under the supervision of Michel Rolland. I won it and at that moment I was the happiest lady wine in France ;)


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Another beautiful moment was during my last year’s birthday when I got a bottle of Chateau de Yquem 2003. I’ve been dreaming about d’Yquem since I tasted Sauternes wine for the first time. I wanted to owe one bottle of it but I wasn’t expecting it to happen that fast ;)

It was wrapped in a creamy paper and put in an ordinary ‘bordeaux wine’ wooden box. I almost dropped it when unpacking it. I could see it is a bottle of wine, but I wasn’t expecting it to be a bottle of d’Yquem. It was a magical moment and I won’t forget it.


Wine Lady - about wine with passion; Chateau d'Yquem


  1. When your idol signs for you his (your!) book.

And suddenly it turns out he is just a man that likes the same vegetarian salad as I do and laughs at my jokes. He is no longer ‘a famous wine writer from wine magazines’. He becomes a human being, such as a friend; only his wine path is a few thousands of kilometers longer than mine.

And he treats me as an equal, even though I never dare to compare to him. And he listens to what I think about wine; he wants to know why this particular wine tastes good to me.

During my first meeting with Hugh Johnson I realized we have something in common – a pure and infinite passion for wine.


Hugh Johnson signs Wine Lady's book - unforgettable wine moments in life


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  1. When, after you failed so many times in this field, you finally start to recognize ‘the sunshine in the wine glass’.

And strawberries. And peaches. And white pepper. And vanilla.

Hence you begin to distinguish differences between the wine regions, where the wine is made. A few dozens of tastings later you are able to determine the year in which the wine was produced.

Eventually, you know you reached a point you wouldn’t reach by reading books: an experience in wine tasting.

After all, this is something no one can take away from you.



  1. When you drink wine that changes your vision about what the wine is.

Very often, when talking to other wine lovers, I hear a magical sentence: ‘after tasting that particular wine I knew I found my true passion’. Yes, one bottle can change the way you perceive wine.

In my case, it wasn’t a bottle of wine that brought me to wine. I would say wine industry was additional to my marketing job ;) The truth is, it could have been any other product…


Wine Lady - the tasting note and wine details of The Hurricane 2012 on a wine blog


A few certificates and many wine bottles later I found The Hurricane. Drinking it was a totally new experience. It wasn’t only another bottle of wine; it tasted like the first kiss, not to mention the entire story and tones of flavours that came with it. The first time in my life I tasted the wine with open heart and soul; I was absolutely free.

Albeit I tasted hundreds of great wines, The Hurricane was THAT wine. Tasting it changed everything – from perceiving the wine in general, through experiencing the particular taste and flavors, to looking at myself as a passionate lady in wine.


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  1. When you directly experience the vineyard and the winery instead of just reading about wine.

You no longer learn to pass wine exams, because you gained enough of experience to answer the questions. You no longer use the WRPF method (Write down, Remember, Pass the exam, Forget) because you use the memories instead.

I know there are many wine lovers without a possibility to spend a month or a year working with winemakers, but if you have an opportunity to spend a few days with them, just do it. Experience the vineyard, experience the winery. I assure you won’t regret.


Wine Lady Vineyard


When you have the experience in the winery or in the vineyard, you feel it and you understand it. It’s different than a knowledge you find in books.

Do not get me wrong, I love to read books and I proudly admit that I repeatedly overstate the national average readership. But what I experienced on my own skin will stay with me forever.


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  1. When you realize your passion became your day-to-day life.

You look around and you are fulfilled with gratitude.

When you do not have to change anything, you don’t have to repair or improve anything, because everything is perfect the way it is. Just like that.



Your best wine moments

Which wine moments and best memories from your wine trips and wine events you’ll never forget? Do you find my top 10 most beautiful wine moments any familiar? Would you add anything to my list?

I will be happy to read about your most beautiful and unforgettable wine moments.


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Thanks for reading, cheers!

With love,

Ela – Wine Lady


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