Christmas aromas in wine glass

Christmas aromas that you can find in wine, what win aromas reminds of Christmas - by Wine Lady

‘’This wine smells like Christmas’’ – have you ever said something like that? I have! There are many aromas that remind me of Christmas and some of them can be found in wines when identifying ‘the nose’ during the tasting. Let’s have a closer look at a few Christmas aromas we find in the wine glass.   Christmas aromas in the wine glass (Alphabetical order)   Apricot It is difficult to mistake apricot scent with any other […]

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23 awesome wine gift ideas (not only for wine lovers)

Looking for a present for wine lover? Check out this wine gift ideas not only for wine lovers - by Wine Lady

Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and any other types of celebration; they are all about sharing your love and best wishes and giving something that will make your beloved ones feel special. Each year we spend a lot of time on looking for presents to put under the Christmas tree or to give for a special occasion. What can you buy for a wine lover?  What wine related products may bring a smile on the face of your […]

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Mulled Wine recipe for winter

Wine Lady shares her recipe for mulled wine and mulled beer

Hot wines and hot beers are my favorites if it comes to keeping warm in the winter season. I do love them with acacia honey, lots of sweet spices and a slice of orange. ‘’Shaken or stirred’’, it doesn’t matter – I drink what I like and I encourage you to do the same. Here’s my mulled wine recipe that keeps me warm during winter.     Mulled wine recipe Ingredients: 1 (750ml) bottle of red wine […]

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Manage your time with Pomodoro Technique

Pomodoro Technique for wine business owners to improve productivity; how to use Pomodoro method by Wine Lady

From time to time we all get to the point when we spend too much time on working but our productivity is not as effective as it could be. We are tired, we are not fully happy with the effects of our job; there’s no time left for family and ourselves. Often times we don’t know how another day has passed with us doing ‘nothing’ and being extremely tired at the same time. Setting goals and planning […]

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Machine harvest 2016 – Saint Colombe, Bordeaux

Machine Harvest 2016 experience by Wine Lady

TODAY has started very early, as about 4 o’clock in the morning M. woke me up saying (shouting, to be exact) that he is dying. He couldn’t feel his foot; he couldn’t move it, he could barely walk! So since the very early morning I was up and ready to not-my-work, as during the harvest there are no weekends off, so M. works both Saturdays and Sundays. Being his ‘personal taxi driver’ meant I had to work […]

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Proverbs for wine lovers

Have some fun with proverbs for wine lovers created by Wine Lady

I like to play games. I like the word games and I play with words as much as I can. It’s easier with my own language, but a little bit of ‘just kidding’ in another language is funny as well, especially when I am not sure if I really say what I mean. I have a lot of fun with popular proverbs, which took on a new meaning and became my famous proverbs for wine lovers ;) […]

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How to write a high converting start here page.

How to write high converting start here page for wine business website or wine blog by Wine Lady

Let’s make it clear from the beginning – a ‘start-here’ page is not essential for running a successful wine website. It may be, however, very helpful for new readers, who visit your website for the first time. Additionally, you may turn your start here page into a high converting page, which will be very valuable for you. Think of a start here page (or a getting-started page, or a new reader page, or any other name page) […]

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Once more, with feeling. Revamp the old posts.

Revamp the old posts and re-promote them to increase the traffic to your wine blog - tips from Wine Lady

Wine writing has one beneficial characteristic: it is timeless. You write about how to taste wine or what are the wine regions in France and in the years time the information is still valid. It may need some updates, yet in general it is still a great and mostly up-to-date content. Then.. Why not promoting it again? Rather than searching for ideas, revamp the old posts and promote them to your readers and followers. It is a […]

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Size matters #6 – Pinterest dimensions

what are the Pinterest dimensions, what image size you should use for Pinterest - delivered by Wine Lady

This is a sixth article in a ‘Size Matters’ series and in this one I would like to focus on Pinterest dimensions. (last update: July 2016) Although I have created a profile on Pinterest for my wine blog in 2014, I haven’t been using it too much until a few months ago when I refreshed it and started to look for inspiration. I was surprised how much wine-related content was available on Pinterest!

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10 most beautiful wine moments in life

10 most beautiful moments in life of wine lovers - a wonderful sharing by Wine Lady

My 10 most beautiful wine moments are mostly my ‘first times’ with wine. When I started my adventure with wine I was pure and innocent, such as empty pages of the book that are ready to be filled in with words that tell a story. Over the years I’ve been writing down in this ‘book’ my new experiences, wine knowledge, dreams and memories. They form my wine story. They are the fondation of my wine passion. They […]

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Size matters #5 – Instagram dimensions

This is a 5th article in a ‘Size Matters’ series and in this one I would like to focus on Instagram dimensions. (last update: July 2016) I am quite new to Instagram as I created my account only recently. With the first image I’ve shared I got a huge engagement and it was a nice surprise. I am pretty sure Instagram will have a big impact on my online wine activities and I’m happy I finally decided […]

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Size matters #4 – Twitter dimensions

what image size you need for Twitter, what are the twitter dimensions - delivered to you by Wine Lady

This is a fourth article in a ‘Size Matters’ series and in this one I would like to focus on Twitter dimensions. (last update: July 2016) I have been using Twitter since 2012 more from curiosity than wine-networking reasons, at least at the beginning. Twitter is a great ‘sms-like’ platform to stay in touch with others. It’s also a great tool to be up-to-date with the highlights on what is going on in the world of wine. […]

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Size matters #3 – Facebook dimensions

Facebook dimensions, what image size for Facebook Pages? - delivered to you by Wine Lady

This is a third article in a ‘Size Matters’ series and in this one I would like to focus on Facebook dimensions for the FB page.  (Last update: June 2016) In my opinion having FB page is as important for a wine blog as for every other niche. It is a great tool to build engagement with your readers and stay in touch with them in a different way than writing long educational articles. On FB page […]

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