Size matters #2 – wine blog dimensions

what image sizes are the best for your blog? what are the correct wine blog dimensions? - tips from Wine Lady

Social media pages are important for building the engagement with your audience. Still, the main and most important online platform you focus on should be.. yes, your website! That’s why it is important to know the wine blog dimensions for images you upload to your wine blog. Remember: your wine blog is a place you want to redirect your readers from your social media pages or other websites; not the other way round.

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Size matters – how to share images online

how to share images online, the first article from the Size Matetrs series delivered to you by Wine Lady

Size matters – an introduction to a series of tips on how to share images online on your wine blog and social media with accurate dimensions for Facebook Pages, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Photos and pictures (graphics, infographics, icons etc) are important elements you should take care of while writing either an article for your wine website or a post for any of your social media. They make your writing more interesting and are very popular nowadays.

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2Bobule – Once again innocently about wine

a wine film review of 2Bobule - innocently about wine, delivered to you by Wine Lady

I loved the Bobule (2008) film. It was not only funny but also inspiring, idyllic and simply beautiful. I was very excited while the sequel, 2Bobule, came out. I’ve been waiting for another dose of great humour, Czech wine, and beautiful Moravian landscapes. After the first film, my expectations were very high. I think they were too high…     Let’s start from the beginning: The Story After Honza took over his grandfather’s vineyards, he’s trying to […]

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7 ways of using blockquote formatting

how to use blockquote formatting for your wine business website or wine blog - tips from Wine Lady

A ‘reading experience’ is quite a new term in web design. I bet you know that your website needs to be pretty, easy to navigate and give value in order to keep your visitors for longer. It applies to the graphics design as well as to the text content of your wine blog posts. After all, it is difficult to read when there is just a one massive block of text. For this reason it is important […]

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Let’s get social!

WIne Lady on social media

Social networks are a great tool in order to stay in touch with others on a daily basis. I post regularly on my social media and I try my best to answer questions and comments as soon as possible. Yet due to work and many activities I do, I am not online all the time ;) If you use social media, I encourage you to follow me and write to me as often as you wish. At […]

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Free stock photos for wine blogs

Looking for free wine images, free wine stock photos or free pictures with wine - tips on how to find them from Wine Lady

There are many free stock photos to use on the internet and many bloggers use them on their websites. Personally, I prefer to use my own pictures on my wine website, but I don’t mind adapting free stock pictures for WBT purposes ;) I’ve been searching for the free stock photos for wine blogs and I found some that you might be interested in.

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One day in Bordeaux… the travel that changed my life

one day, my first day, in Bordeaux - the trip to France that changed my life forever - Wine Lady shares her story

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, there was a beautiful princess. She had a beautiful big house surrounded by beautiful landscapes. She didn’t have to work, she didn’t have to worry about anything, and she was never sad or angry. She was eating only natural food, always beautifully served. She could spend her days in the massive garden, lying down on the beautifully green grass, talking to animals and flowers and enjoying the […]

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Creative Commons: some rights reserved

what wine business owner and wine blogger should know about creative commons - tips from Wine Lady

All the content available on the internet is copyrighted: all the pictures you see, all the videos you watch, all the audios you listen to and all the articles you read; all of them are protected by the copyright law and if you copy and use them without the permission of the author, you’re breaking the law. But there is a way of using someone else’s creative work legally and this is what I would like to […]

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Grape processing – from the vineyard to the tank

Wine Lady abotu grape processing, what happens with freshly picked grapes before they get to the tank? follow the journey from the vineyard to the tank.

Although there are still few months till the next harvest, it is a perfect time to write about grape processing and bring back some memories from my first Bordeaux grape-picking, which took place a few months ago. In general, after the grapes have been harvested, they need to be turned into wine. Grape processing is the first step of vinification when winemakers need to take care of after the harvest. In this process, the freshly picked grapes […]

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Home page essentials for a wine blog [free checklist]

What are the essential elements you should remember about when creating your wine business website or wine blog Tips delivered to you by Wine Lady

The wine blog home page is the first page your readers and customers see when visiting your website. The first impression is very important, as your home page may interest your visitors so they want to stay longer with you. The home page not only shows what your online activities focus on but also has a bunch of elements that may help you to engage the visitor for longer by reading interesting articles, signing to your newsletter […]

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My year in the vineyard

Why Lady shares her experience from spendig a year in the vineyards, working with vines and learning about vineyard management in Bordeaux

Since I’ve started to work in the wine industry I’ve been not very happy with people telling me about how to make wine and grow vines, because I knew they had no experience in the vineyards and/or winery at all; some people think they can read hundreds of books and they feel like they know everything. But it doesn’t work that way. I’ve been reading books about wine for years, not only nice-to-read books but also those […]

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How to create a category menu on WordPress

how to create category menu for your Wordpress site, wine business site, wine blog - tips from Wine Lady

You have your website and you want to promote some of the categories, which in your opinion may be interesting for your readers. You have many of them but a few are particularly important and you would like to focus your readers’ attention on them. What about including them in your main menu? In this short tutorial you will find out how to create a menu from categories in WordPress. This is an easy 4 step formula […]

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The colour of the wine – my favourite one!

colours of wine by Wine Lady

About a year ago I participated in a writing and photography challenge. I found the notes about it in my notebook a few days ago and I decided to share it with you as it is quite hmm.. easy to read and honest ;) The challenge subject for that day was ‘my favourite colour’ in a picture and I’ve interpreted it my own way making it, of course, a wine-focused one. I described my favourite colour as […]

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