Bobule. Innocently about wine.

Wine Lady film review - Bobule, innocently about wine

There is something interesting about some of the non-famous, non-US productions that make me feel like I’m among the characters, such as I’m one of them, almost actively participating in their lives. Although I love Hollywood, I find the films only as a disconnection from reality rather than a participation in the adventures shown in the film.

Bobule – Nevinne o víne (Innocently about wine) has been made in Czech Republic and released in 2008. The director (Tomas Bařina) managed to perfectly model the climate of Czech vineyards to the point that I began to search for a date in my calendar to plan a trip to Moravia ;)

The music (Hynek Schneider, James Harries, Richard Krajčo), ingeniously tailored to the trials and tribulations of main characters, strengthen the climate of the film and build the positive emotions. It gives a break from the reality and after first look at Moravian vineyards you feel like you’re there – enjoying the rural idyll of the place, feeling the wind in your hair, smelling fresh bread and tasting the young wine.
Bobule is not an action movie, superheroes are not ‘super’ at all – they seem to be ordinary people, just friends, who welcome you at their doorstep with all of their hospitality and simplicity of life. And this is the secret of this film – the simplicity and the beauty of a countryside life fulfilled with small moments of joy among nature and friends.

And for this extraordinary feeling, for participation in their slow-motion-alike life – it’s worth to watch it.

Film poster, Czech republic, 2008
Film poster, Czech republic, 2008


(Warning! Contains spoilers! ;))

Young con-man Honza (Kryštof Hádek ) and his unperspicacious pal, Jirek (Lukáš Langmajer), run a ‘business’ in Prague -they deceiving people wanting to purchase properties. As the police get too close, they decide to escape Prague and retreat to Honza’s grandfather Děda Adámek (Lubomír Lipský), who owns the winery and vineyards in Moravia.

While Děda (Děda = grandfather) goes to Argentina, Honza and Jirek need to take care of the vineyard and winery during his absence; instead they try to sell it and make money before the situation in the city cools down so they can come back to Prague.

Living in the countryside and working with wine, however, helps Honza rediscover his heritage and his love to Klárka (Tereza Vorísková), a pretty neighbor, makes everything possible for him.

You will witness the emotional process of rediscovering Honza’s commitment to grapes and wine, you’ll participate in really funny trials and tribulations of Honza and Jirek and, what’s the most important here, you will step into the world of beauty of Moravian countryside with its wonderful vineyards and deep celebration of a winemaker’s life.



Jirek is my favourite character – with his silliness, immaturity, really funny life tips (especially considering the relationship between a man and a woman) and facial expressions, Lukáš Langmajer in my opinion was outstanding in this role.

Honza is a bit featureless character, but Kryštof Hádek has done his best to show the transformation of Honza, rediscovering his heritage and who he really was, and his growing interest in wine making.

I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t write a few words about Jarek Michalica (Václav Postránecký), Klárka’s father, who swears a lot in the most beautiful way I’ve even heard of ;) His ‘kurwa’ makes me laugh every single time I hear it because even if it is very vulgar, it seems so appropriate coming out of his mouth.


Bobule ’s best of the best:

(1)   The definition of the winemaker by Jarek Michalica: „Who, ku*wa, hasn’t drink ten thousands liters of wine, shouldn’t call himself a winemaker. I drink 2 litres of wine every day, for the last 25 years, and I feel great. At the University Hospital in Brno, in the department of cardiology, they write a thesis about me. My liver is as strong as a horse!”
(2)  Jarek Michalica about the culture and the dancing: „You will dance a little with our women, you will sing, so you, ku*wa, see how cultural life we’re having here”.
(3)  White wine tasting by Honza:  „ The aroma is not amazing, so we twirl the glass. Now [Riesling] opens up a little and the bouquet is full. I am sure everyone can smell the flowered meadow, the wind between sow-thistles, some violets and, of course, a primrose. We see a subtle, brown hue. I think this wine has a decadent, shy flavour. It is so mysterious, almost provocative. Seems like it says DISCOVER ME.
(4) Grandfather Děda about his amorous conquests of his youth: „I used to take three bottles with me. First one for her, so she becomes easier. And the last two for myself, for courage.”


At the end I would like to share with you a short dialog from the film that makes me wonder whether or not I should change my breakfast habits:

– How will I recognize if the girl is healthy?
– Because she drinks a glass of white wine in the morning.


I wonder: have you had possibility to watch this film? What are your impressions after watching Bobule? How do you enjoy the Moravian countrylife? Let me know in the comments below!


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Film details:

Title: Bobule. Nevinne o víne.
Other titles: Grapes (international)
Country and year of production: Czech Republic, 2008
Time: 90 mins
Genres: comedy, romantic drama
Direction: Tomáš Bařina
Screenplay: Tomáš Bařina, Rudolf Merkner
Production: Adam Dvorák
Cast:   Kryštof Hádek; Lukáš Langmajer; Lubomír Lipský;  Tereza Voříšková; Václav Postránecký.

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