Bordeaux Oxygene – get lucky!

Renovation of the house is still on going, I spend lot of time doing things inside the house to get it ready a bit faster. I open lots of boxes and I find lots of nice wine related stuff that I have already forgotten about but some of them need to be remembered. So I go back with my memories to an amazing day which someone predicted a lucky day for me and I believed in it subconsciously. Was it worthwhile to believe? Enjoy my Bordeaux Oxygene story!


Bordeaux Oxygene 2014

April, one or two days after a tasting week during En Primeurs we go to Bordeaux city, stopping for a glass of red wine along the way. Although we are tired, our moods are good and we are happy to be there with each other and people that we meet on our way. The weather in Haut-Medoc is, as always when I go there, not nice; lots of rain, lots of wind and definitely too cold for me and we still need to drive for a while.

BO2, ready to drink

There is a big traffic jam in the center of Bordeaux and all around there are only one way roads with lots of ‘no left turn’ signs. And, of course, GPS is stubborn and repeats ‘turn left’ over and over again. M. is very nervous now and it is better not to get in his way. I feel amused, because I find nervous car drivers being very funny and the only difference is that usually I watch them from a safe distance. We stop at the first parking lot we see. M. declares that since now we go on foot and he hands me my suitcase. I am still amused with all of this, but not as amused as I have been few minutes ago. I try to hold the umbrella over my head, which is not so easy when it is so windy. As any other normal woman I really do love walking in high heels and short dress while there is a storm and raining cats and dogs (NOT!)… I am telling myself “c’mon, chill out. It’s your lucky day!” and I feel a bit better.

Mama Shelter Hotel, (pic. MH)
Mama Shelter Hotel, (pic. MH)

After a short relax in the Mama Shelter Hotel, which by the way is an unusual and funny place, we are ready to join the party. I have never heard about Bordeaux Oxygene group before, and now, thanks to our friend, I am at their party among amazing people, having lots of fun. Everything is indescribable: members of BO2 – friends with huge passion for wine and the will to create more than just average wine from Bordeaux, a place – full of artistic paints, colourful lights and decorations that make the room more special, and wines, that I drink only during important celebrations; or to be honest which generally I don’t drink at all. My Chinese fortune cookie says that the universe will bring me lots of happiness and I will be lucky and I feel even better after reading it. Midnight is approaching slowly.

BO2 – party, 2014 (pic. MH)

Then it is the moment of the business card lottery. Sylvie and Jean-Antoine are about to give the mysterious wooden box to the lucky winner. I am, again, saying to myself “Hey girl, it is your lucky day, feel it in your heart and let it be”; I’m smiling and closing my eyes. I can hear them calling a man by his French name. Everyone applauds and I can come back to conversation with Severine and Emilie. But this strange feeling of having a lucky day stays within me, I can hear the inner voice louder and louder…

A short while later I turn around towards bar to fill in my empty glass, when I notice laughing Sylvie waving to another lady my business card. I come closer and ask what it’s all about, at the same moment she bellows something in French into the microphone. Suddenly everyone starts to look at me, someone takes my glass, another grabs my arm and leads me to a small ‘stage’. I stand there feeling totally confused when I heard Panos’ shout: “Ela, you won!”. He applauds and takes pictures when Jean Antoine is handing me the prize.

And the winner is… with Jean-Antoine and Sylvie (pic. Panos Kakaviatos)

Everyone is coming closer – they take pictures, congratulate me and talk to me. Only a few minutes ago I knew very few people there, now I know almost everyone. Nice feeling. I realize that a double magnum is not light and this is the moment, when I start to understand what was going on: this massive bottle of wine is mine. MINE. The owner of the selected business card was not at the party, so they picked another one. Lucky me!

And so the day become more beautiful, and my mood became even better and I could feel inside how lucky I was. And I feel crazy about the small frog logo on the wooden box, which – what I realize later – appears everywhere with BO2. The day in Bordeaux at the Bordeaux Oxygene event was amazing, so was the whole visit which I did in March/April this year (to find out more you may read the archive of my old blog, link to the article is here – however it is only in Polish).

BO2 Vin the Table, France – double magnum

At the beginning I had no idea what the wine I had to carry was but thanks to Severine and Jean Jacques I found out that Michel Rolland, one of the most respectful and best known wine consultants in the world, made this wine. The wine is very special – it is not a typical blend, as it is made with wine from 17 properties that form the Bordeaux Oxygene group (there is only one Sauternes producer’s wine left out of the blend as it is a sweet wine). The BO2 Vin the Table NV wine was created few years ago, they bottled only several dozen of double magnums and use them during charity auctions and Bordeaux Oxygene events. I’ve been told that there are only about 30 of double magnums left and they can’t be bought, only during BO2 events there is possibility to buy them at auctions or win one, as in my case. And now the wine is even more special for me. And, of course, I will consider opening it on a special occasion – soon! ;)

Bordeaux Oxygene 2014 – wine box

Bordeaux Oxygene (BO2) itself is amazing. It was formed by people with a passion, who love wine and believe in the power of Bordeaux. Because Bordeaux is not only a long-standing tradition and history, it is also an innovative wine region with young people full of ideas how to make the region and its wine more special. These people do not just WANT to create something together, but they DO create. And it is beautiful, that they do not do it only for themselves but also for others. Charity auctions, wine tastings, exchange of experience and info about wine market during meetings with other BO2 members, food-wine pairing during meetings with chefs and sommeliers … and all of it with a big smile and positive energy. A very good example to follow.

Bordeaux Oxygene – The Party – 2014 (pic. MH)

And this is the moment to say THANK YOU for the possibility to participate in the BO2 event, for help with accommodation and for an amazing time I had there with you. Sylvie (Chateau Thieully), Severine and Jean-Jacques (Chateau Malartic-Lagraviere), Panos (, Jean-Marc (Bodega Altos) and of course Mark (La Maison Rouge) and all amazing people I met– thanks to you it was one of the best evenings in my life!

one bottle from each size, news in my cellar

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