Chancellor & CO Classic Dry White 2014

It was another hot day (35-40 degrees) in Australia, I was tired and bored and M. was still at work, while I decided to go shopping. ‘Go’ as ‘walk’, because there was no bus connection from our house in Port Willunga to the closest wine shop (about 30 mins by foot). I was planning a risotto dish for dinner, therefore I was about to buy a cheap white wine (15$) to use it for cooking but a nice young seller convinced me to buy a 5$ wine. And this is how I got this bottle.

The cheapest wine ever from Australia turned out to be a very good and fresh white wine! Greeny coloured with intense aromas of tropical fruits (banana, pineapple, melon, passion fruit) with a hint of flowers and sweet honey.

In the mouth Chancellor Classic Dry White is dry with a gentle sweetness, balanced, a bit lean, but not diluted. Very fresh, easy to drink and light. On the palate there were apricot and peach flavours with pineapple acidity and a hint of minerality. The finish was not long, but long enough to enjoy the lemon peel and green apple notes.

We drink the whole bottle instead of using it for cooking and we enjoyed it a lot! Athough I am still not a fan of cheap wines made as a mass product, I have to admit that I was very surprised with this particular bottle and I can recommend it; do not expect an amazing liquid inside the bottle, but you will find a tasty and fresh wine – amazing for the price.




Chancellor & CO Classic Dry White 2014 – wine review:

Wine – Classic Dry White Vintage 2014
Country – Australia
Region – South Australia (Tanunda SA)
Appellation – South Australia
Vintage – 2014
Grape varieties – white blend
Producer – Chancelor & CO
Distributor / Importer – BWM supermarkets; Dan Murphy’s
Style and type – still; dry white
Alcohol – 12%
Barrel ageing – no
Serving temperature – 13°C
Cellaring – no, to drink fresh
Price range – 5$
Tasting date – February 2015, Australia

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