How to create a category menu on WordPress

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You have your website and you want to promote some of the categories, which in your opinion may be interesting for your readers. You have many of them but a few are particularly important and you would like to focus your readers’ attention on them. What about including them in your main menu? In this short tutorial you will find out how to create a menu from categories in WordPress. This is an easy 4 step formula to create a category menu that may be an interesting option for your wine blog.

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard and chose Appearance and then Menus (pic 1).


Wine Blogging Tips category menu
(pic 1)


  1. In the Edit Menus tab create a Custom Menu (pic 2). Name it whatever you want; it may be for example ‘Category Menu’. When finished, click Create Menu. (pic 3)


Wine Blogging Tips category menu
(pic 2)


Wine Blogging Tips category menu
(pic 3)
  1. Organize the Menu Structure of your new category menu.
  • Choose category items you would like to include in your new menu and click Add To Menu (pic 4-A). Apart from pages and categories, you may also add links, tags or posts to your menu.


Wine Blogging Tips category menu
(pic 4)


  • Set up the Navigation Label for each category (pic 4-B). This is the displayed name your readers will see in the menu while category name itself will remain unchanged.
  • Select which category will appear as the first one, second one, etc; to reorder your menu, just drag-and-drop the items or click ‘up one’, ‘down one’, ‘to the top’, ‘under…’, ‘out from under…’ (pic 5)


Wine Blogging Tips category menu
(pic 5)


  • Furthermore, you may create a drop-down category menu (nested sub-menus). To do so, drag-and-drop the items as sub-menu to one of your menu items. (pic 5)




If you want the parent tab to be un-clickable, add a Custom Link item to your menu with symbol # in the url (pic 6); that means the menu item will not redirect your readers anywhere, but display the sub-menu items instead (you may also choose these out of your categories).


Wine Blogging Tips category menu
(pic 6)


  1. In Menu Settings go to Theme locations and check the box Main Menu if you want your new menu to be your primary menu. Save your new menu. (pic 7)


Wine Blogging Tips category menu
(pic 7)


Remember that the way the menu and its sub-items are shown in your WordPress website depends on the settings of the theme you are using. On my website the sample category menu would look like that:


Wine Blogging Tips category menu
(pic 8)


If you have two menus on your blog, you can create one of them as a category menu and another one with important site info (for example contact, about, co-op, shop etc). You may split categories into two groups and place one group as the first menu and the other one as the second menu. It is all up to you.


Good luck!;)

If you have any questions or would like to share your thoughts, do not hesitate to comment below this post.

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