DogRidge Wines, McLaren Flat – feels like home

There’s no place like home. Everything in Home is the best – beloved ones, the food, the memories about childhood that we talk about while rising up the glasses with those we love and who are with us and for those who are already gone and who we miss so much.
Home = happiness = love = safety. Home. It sounds so beautiful!


DogRidge McLaren Vale
I got to DogRidge during my McLaren Vale Cheese and Wine Trail. An outstanding place surrounded by vineyards with a path with roses and gum trees. Peace and quiet. A beauty.

I looked at M.. He was smiling and I knew that in his thoughts he was at our place in Bordeaux, which -by the way- we’ve been missing already.


DogRidge McLaren Vale
An exchange of first words and some smiles with Jo and after a while I realized that we’ve been sitting like that for almost 30 minutes, talking about the regions and wines (France and Australia), tasting wines and cheese and laughing a lot. After a while Fred joined us in our conversation. He is the owner and the winemaker at DogRidge. The first hour passed so fast, I couldn’t believe! The only thing I could say was “It feels like home”.


DogRidge McLaren Vale


And this amazing feeling of the family-like warmth in DogRidge will stay with me for ever.

Jo described all the wines, we found out lots of interesting stories about vineyards and Australian wines in general whereas Fred shared with us the stories about the family business, the origins of DogRidge, his fascination of the vineyards and wines and his love to Petit Verdot that he uses in his blends.


DogRidge McLaren Vale


DogRidge Wines is a family estate. The first 40 acres of vineyards were purchased in 1992 by Dave and Jen Wright. At this moment there’s 120 acres of vines and other generations are involved in the wine business.

They grow Chardonnay, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Petit Verdot – Fred’s favourite one. You will find varietal wines, blends, whites, reds, dry, sweet … but all of them show a high level of quality.
DogRidge McLaren Vale


Fortunately DogRidge wines are available in Europe (Germany, Silverstone, Hamburg – c’mon! It’s not that far!). You can also buy them in South Australia (obviously!), United States, Canada, Japan and Singapore.

In DogRide it is all about nice people and great wines. Also, you will find peace and beauty that you need (trust me, you need it!). Moreover fans of Art will find something interesting inside the building – there’s an exhibition of paintings. Unfortunately there was no time to talk about art but I am sure Jan Wright has a major contribution in there as I recognized some of her favourite paintings.


DogRidge McLaren Vale


I was so happy that we choose this trail and thanks to myself (yes, I’m taking the glory as I found it!); we discovered DogRidge and now this place (+people, + wines) is very high on my list of favourite wineries.

Thanks to Jo’s hospitality we tasted a few really nice wines (reviews or links you will find below, the rest wine reviews will appear soon in Tasting Room):

Wylpena Chardonnay 2012 – a beautiful bouquet with passion fruit, melon and a hint of spices and lemon peel; on the palate the wine is fresh and crispy with peach and citrus flavours


WineLady_DogRidge2015McLarenVale (6)


– DogRidge All-Rounder Grenache McLaren Vale 2012

– DogRidge Wines Grand Old Brand New Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz Petit Verdot 2011 (coming soon)

– DogRidge Wines Most Valuable Player Shiraz McLaren Vale 2012 (coming soon)

– DogRidge Wines Shirtfront Shiraz McLaren Vale 2013 (coming soon)


DogRidge McLaren Vale


If you are looking for a place to sit, relax and enjoy the wines & beauty of surrounding vineyards then DogRidge is the best place to visit. You will learn a lot about the region of McLaren Vale, you will meet amazing people and drink wonderful wines. Maybe you will be lucky to personally meet Fred? ;)

For me DogRidge is a synonym of far-away home with nature, beautiful views, hospitality and tasty wines. I fell in love with wines years ago when I met people who truly love wine and this year’s visit at DogRidge and hospitality of Jo and Fred made my passion and fascination reborn.

Jo and Fred – thank you for your time!

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