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This is a third article in a ‘Size Matters’ series and in this one I would like to focus on Facebook dimensions for the FB page.  (Last update: June 2016)

In my opinion having FB page is as important for a wine blog as for every other niche. It is a great tool to build engagement with your readers and stay in touch with them in a different way than writing long educational articles. On FB page you can publish some wine tips or share links to your wine blog posts, ask questions, recommend wines and more.

The content matters on your FB page. At the moment images and videos seem to work much better than plain text and the properly uploaded picture may bring you more likes and shares.


Let’s have a closer look at Facebook dimensions.

Page’s profile picture

The profile picture is square. The best solution to control the way it displays is to prepare the square image that is minimum 180px x 180px.

Notice that a profile picture displays as 160px x 160px image on computers; with a frame, however, in total it will be 168px x 168px. It will display as 140px x 140px on smartphones and 50px x 50px on most feature phones.

When you upload a picture that isn’t square, it will be cropped to fit a square. While uploading a new page’s profile picture that is a rectangle, remember to set the thumbnail by re-positioning the image.

If you post anything on your timeline as a page, your profile picture that appears next to your new post will display at 40px x 40px. When you comment under the post on a timeline, the profile picture will display at 28px x 28px.


Page’s Cover photo

The page’s cover photo displays as 828px x 315px on computers and 640px x 360px on smartphones; it doesn’t display on feature phones.

According to FB help center, the minimum required Facebook dimensions for the cover photo are 399px wide and 150px tall.

To avoid compression of your cover photo while uploading it, make sure the file size is less than 100kB. Recently many Facebook experts have been writing that images between 50-99kB are also compressed while uploading to FB and the best is to keep the picture less than 50kB. Facebook, however, mentions the size of ‘less than 100kB’ as the one they recommend.

Remember to save the file with sRGB colour profile as JPEG or PNG. Moreover set up uploading in HD by default so your photos display always in the highest possible quality.

Similar as with the page’s profile photo, if you want to use your logo as a cover photo, it is better to use a PNG file. Although lately Facebook has changed its mechanisms again and it looks like it converts all the pictures to JPG anyway.


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Regular photos shared on the timeline

According to FB help center the supported sizes for regular photos are: 720px wide, 960px wide, and 2048px wide. Before you upload the image remember to resize it so one of above dimensions is the width of your image.

After uploading an image to your timeline, a thumbnail will be generated automatically to fit within a box that is maximum 470px wide and 470px tall.

Bigger pictures are down-scaled to reach 470px in width or height. Horizontal (landscape) images will be scaled to 470px wide, while vertical (portrait) images to 470px high with white space on their right. The size of the white space depends on how narrow the uploaded picture was.


Shared link preview

When sharing a link on your FB page, don’t forget to include a preview of it in the post. remember: images attract more attention!

In general, a featured image of the post appears as a preview of the link but it may also be the first image in the post or an image selected by the author of that post to be shown on Facebook (for example you can choose it by using Yoast SEO on WordPress). Sometimes you can select more pictures to appear in the link preview.


Remember that images attract more attention on social media than plain text. Click To Tweet


If you attach the image that is at least 470px x 246px, it will be displayed full-width as a rectangle. The title and the description of the link will appear below that image.

If the image is smaller than 470px x 246px, it will be cropped and displayed as a small square, and the title and the description will appear to the right of the image. Depends on whether the original image was landscape or portrait, the thumbnails will be displayed respectively as 155px wide (vertical image) or 114px wide (horizontal image).


Photos gallery in the left sidebar

The gallery preview in the left sidebar displays 9 last pictures you uploaded on your FB page.

No matter what size they were when uploading, the thumbnails are cropped and down-scaled to reach the size of 130px by 130px. When uploading the photos, try to put the most important info in the ‘middle square’ of your image. Therefore, after cropping the picture should remain attractive for your followers.



Videos on Facebook

Recently Facebook has been working on improving videos and apart from video live and 360 videos, you may now upload an HD video.

Make sure to prepare your video as MOV or MP4, as Facebook supports these two formats. Moreover, it needs to be less than 120 minutes long and smaller than 4GB.

The aspect ratio may not be larger than 1280px wide and divisible by 16px. A video frame needs to be at or below 30fps.



Notice: This Facebook dimensions data is accurate for June 2016.

Facebook changes its mechanism and algorithms very often. Moreover, since about a year FB doesn’t inform its users about changes they are working on. It makes it even more difficult for users to update their pages. Another thing is that FB implements the changes partially for its users. When one person has been using a new layout for a while, the other person may still have an old one.


Facebook Page’s Image Sizes quick reference

  • Cover photo: displays as 828px wide by 315px tall
  • Profile picture: displays as 160px wide by 160px tall (must be uploaded at least 180x180px)
  • Shared image: displays as max 470px wide and/or 470px tall
  • Shared link thumbnail image: displays as 470px wide and 246px tall; smaller images are scaled and cropped to fit a square 155x155px for horizontal images and 114x114px for vertical images.
  • Supported video formats: MP4, MOV; audio AAC; up to 4GB and max 120 minutes length


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