Fall From Grace – positive energy in a bottle

Gill from Fall From Grace greeted me with a smile and many good news at the same moment I stepped into her shop.

I love people who have the ability to share their happiness with others ;) The level of my positive energy is growing up while I am among them!


FallFromGraceWillunga_WineLady (3)


Fall From Grace is located on the main street of Willunga town, High Street. The interior is very interesting and looks nice. A good place to pop by and taste some wines while sitting by the tables and chatting with the owner.


FallFromGraceWillunga_WineLady (5)


It is all about the owner, Gill. She has the magic in her! She is very nice, friendly with lots of positive energy and charisma that I haven’t seen for so long. She has been travelling for many years and gained knowledge and experience about wine regions of the world and she shares it with her customers. You have to listen to her for a while to get what I mean.


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Gill supports local small producers who don’t have their own cellar doors. They have something more important instead – amazing wines with a story behind the label. Wines with heart and soul that shows the essence of McLaren Vale.


FallFromGraceWillunga_WineLady (2)


There is so many bottles in Fall From Grace. A considerable choice for such a small shop! There are doctor’s wines, wine with Easter Bunny, wines with beautiful labels painted by winemaker’s children or wines with the vintage story on the label. Many beautiful wines and stories to be found!


FallFromGraceWillunga_WineLady (6)


Some of them I’ve already discovered, the rest need to wait a while but not too long. There is a Friday tasting soon and I will be there to taste the wines, meet people and enjoy the non-tourist evening ;) Can’t wait!


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