Fete Le Vin with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Libourne

Arnold Schwarzenegger Libourne Fete Le Vin with Wine Lady

Life is full of surprises, whether you believe in it or not. Mostly, they come to us when we don’t expect them, yet often times it’s the moment when we need them the most. Thinking I could ever see my idol and my biggest inspiration, Arnold Schwarzenegger in Libourne, sounds a lot too crazy. On the other hand… C’est la vie!

And la vie is beautiful.

And la vie is full of surprises.

This crazy little thing called ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger is coming to Libourne to attend Fete le Vin’ was not only the biggest surprise od the last three years, but also it’s my ‘dream come true’. I found out about it two days ago, when some French news websites posted it online. Yet there was no information on Libourne Fete Le Vin site, so I was hoping it was neither a joke nor a mistake.


Arnold Schwarzenegger in Libourne..  very funny, but not a joke

It wasn’t a joke. He was really coming to Libourne!

It was, however, one of the best news I could dream of these days!

About the midday I got ready and I packed my car to get to Libourne. Arnold was supposed to go on stage at 2pm, yet (obviously!) he was a little bit late. 30 minutes late to be exact (without pointing this out ;) )

On the stage, there were all of the important conseils des vins de Bordeaux, including Saint Emilion, Pomerol, Fronsac, Lalande de Pomerol, Bordeaux Superieur. And there was HIM. The real Arnold Schwarzenegger.

When he came out and I saw him standing about 10-15meters from me, I started to cry. It wasn’t a crazy-hysteric-crying moment, but my eyes went wet and tears were falling down taking my make up with them.. at the same time I was trying to keep my camera up high to record a short video of him, and to take some photos. So forgive me the ‘shaking hand’. I am grateful I am tall and I was wearing (of course!) high heels, because of that I could see Arnold very clearly.

Watching Arnold Schwarzenegger coming on stage in Libourne during II Libourne Fete Le Vin 2017 was exciting and important. Even now, when I wrote about it a few hours later, my heart goes crazy ;)



French say, that some time ago (I do not know exactly when and where) Arnold promised he will come and visit this area. He said ‘I’ll be back’. And he kept his word.

Today he was standing on a stage in Libourne, during #2nd Fete Le Vin 2017 and talking about protecting our Planet and using a good natural energy; he remembered to say a word or two about Bordeaux wine. It was a bit of a political and environmental speech, but in fact, who cares… it was Arnold!! That’s all what matters ;)

He was funny, he was handsome (oh yeah!) and his body looked healthy and beautiful; he was outstanding and he was, well.. his true self.

Arnold was just about to get an honour and become the ambassador of the wines of Bordeaux, when I realized, that this man that stands around 10-15 meters from me is…

… the same great Arnold, who looks at me from my sketching of him and says ‘never give up’– every time, when I am lying half dead on the floor, thinking about skipping the rest of the heavy workout, I do not give up…

… the same Arnold, whose books are my inspiration in life, in business, in relationships and in taking care of my body and health…

… the same Arnold, who make me laugh when I watch him on a screen..

… Arnold, ‘because of you I didn’t give up’ <3

Anyway.. he had some interesting things to say, and I’ve got a few-minute video of his speech for you to watch:



It was amazing how many people came to see him! On the way to the venue I met many old and young people talking in French about ‘Terminator’ and how great actor Arnold is. There were many of bodybuilder type of men who were talking about Arnold, their strongest inspiration. There were women, men and children, and everybody came to Fete Le Vin not only to drink wine, but (mostly, let’s admit) to see Arnold. How amazing is that!

After Arnold left the stage, I went for s walk around the venue, as there were many nice stands with wines and local products. And there was this book stand as well, which I found very funny. What do you think? ;)



Three years somewhere in between

Apart from being very happy because of Arnold, there’s something more to celebrate. Three years ago at this time I was on my way to France. I was not anymore in Poland and not in France yet. I was somewhere in between.

I was full of hope and expectations; I was full of positive energy and I was about to start living a life I considered would be my dream life.

Three years ago, on the 25th of June, I was moving to France to start new life.  Three years… I cannot believe how quickly the time passes…

Living in France is not as easy and as beautiful as it might seem for those who dream about living in the heart of the wine world. Especially living in a countryside, where there’s nothing apart from vineyards. Don’t get me wrong – Saint Emilion and its surroundings are truly beautiful, yet living here can be, well, a nightmare ;) Maybe one day I will commit a post where I will share more of my French lifestyle experience, but today is all about something (and someone) else.

This short trip to Libourne to see Arnold was a sign for me: I have got the strength inside me. I am strong enough to get through everything that stands on my way :) If my strongest man comes to me to remind me of that, then it has to be true ;) I found the source and I will use it ;) Maybe I am somewhere in between now, but I know I will get to where I’m heading to ;) Thanks Arnold for the reminder ;)


Strong enough to be thankful

So today I am grateful for everything I’ve got. For my beloved family and friends; for people who had an impact on my life in France; for every wine I’ve tried during those last three years, for every place I’ve been to and for everything I had pleasure to experience. I am truly grateful for all those goods as well as not-goods, because all of them are part of me; and many of those people and painful situations helped me to shape myself to a person I am today.

Big thanks to everyone who supported me, whether in a real life, or online. It’s been tough, and it’s been beautiful. But without many of you I wouldn’t be where I am now, and I wouldn’t be who I am now. You’re gorgeous!

I believe we get what we give. Especially recently I feel like I am getting the best of the world. It looks like it was worth to start giving the best of me at some point ;)

Here’s to you guys, coz all you are special to me!

With love,

Ela, Wine Lady

Wine Lady cheers with Arold Schwarzenegger in Libourne

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