Fifty shades of Red #1

In my last article I shared with you some of my thoughts from my first anniversary of living in France. Thank you very much for emails and your interest. Some of you asked me if I could write more details about my private life here, but I want to keep it private ;) I am sure you’ll understand. In one email you asked me: “do you have a list of your best wines you could share with me? ”. I prepared a list of 50 reds I tasted and enjoyed during last 12 months.

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It’s time now for my top50 reds where I choose wines that I keep in mind. The majority of them are Australian ones but you already know why ;) Alphabetical order.


  1. Albots Prayer Vineyard 2010, Adelaide Hills, Australia – very aromatic; mouthfulling and dry with round tannins and black fruits flavours
  2. Angel Gully Shiraz 2012, McLaren Vale, Australia – not too much fruit flavours but a lot of beautiful cigars, spices, earth notes and liquorice
  3. Cellar Reserve Penfolds 2010, Barossa, Australia – full and rich, fruity with long chocolaty finish
  4. Chapel Hill Parson’s Nose Cabernet Sauvignon 2013, McLaren Vale, Australia – fresh, fruity and herbal aroma; in the mouth it is full bodied with lots of tannins, toast and spices
  5. Chateau Cantegrive Grand Vin de Bordeaux 2009, Bordeaux, France – dry with notes of caramel, cedarwood, liquorice and subtle tannins
  6. Church Block Wirra Wirra 2012, McLaren Vale, Australia – complex with lots of plum flavours, spices, liquorice and long cherry finish
  7. Coriole Mary Cathleen Reserve 2010, McLaren Vale, Australia – fresh, balanced and full of black fruit flavours (black cherry, plum, blackberry) and a note of herbs
  8. Cuvee Alexis Sancerre Eleve en Futs de Chene 2012 Sury-en-Vaux, France – dry, delicate on the palate with black currant, blackberry and a hint of toast
  9. Fleurieu Cabernet 2010, Mt Campus, Australia – a beautiful aroma of ripe fruits and spices; moutfhuling and balanced with round tannins
  10. Gomez Cruzado Vendimia Sellectionada 2013, Rioja, Spain – well-balanced with a nice aroma of ripe plum, liquorice and aniseed; on the palate lots of black cherries and spices
  11. Grand Old Brand New Dog Ridge 2011, McLaren Vale, Australia – earthy, complex and well-balanced; black currant, black cherry and blackberry with subtle tannins
  12. Grange Penfolds 2009, Barossa Valley, Australia – dry, balanced, dominated by barrel, lots of wanilla and ripe tannins and only a hint of blueberry
  13. Grenache Parri Estate 2006, McLaren Vale, Australia – smooth with round tannins, liquorice and fruits (black cherry, plum, blackberry)
  14. Grenache S.C. Pannell 2012, McLaren Vale, Australia – violet, blackberry, pum, strawberry and red currant; long finish with white pepper
  15. High Sands Grenache Yangarra Estate 2012, McLaren Vale, Australia – dry-off, cigar, blackberry, ripe tannins
  16. Hurricane Grenache 2012, Maury, France – intensive fruit flavours, well-balanced with lots of tannins and a hint of lack pepper in the finish
  17. Iron Heart Shiraz Yangarra Estate 2012, McLaren Vale, Australia – well-structured, full of ripe tannins with note of chocolate, wood and blackberries
  18. Joseph Nebbiolo 2012, McLaren Vale, Australia – rich, balanced, full of fruit flavours: blackberry, black currant and toasted wood
  19. Kaleidoscope Horizons Samuels Gorge 2011 – full, balanced with subtle tannins; on the palate lots of wanilla flavours with liquorice, plum and red currant
  20. Lake Breeze Winemakers Sellection 2012, Langhorne Creek, Australia – a nice structure, full in the mouth; blackberry and black cherry with ripe round tannins
  21. Lake Breeze Cabernet Sauvignon 2012, Langhorne Creek, Australia – full body, round tannins, balanced; blackberry, blueberry, plum, cedarwood with rosemary and thyme
  22. Little Berry 2012, McLaren Vale, Australia – blackberry, blueberry, black cherry, chocolate, spices and cedarwood; a wine with a character!
  23. M53 Shiraz 2010, McLaren Vale, Australia – light and fruity although a bit savoury; full of black and red berries with long finish
  24. Magill Penfolds Shiraz 2010, Australia – fresh, balanced, complex; violets, lavender, blackberry, mint and pepper
  25. McMurtrie Cabernet Sauvignon 2010, McLaren Vale, Australia – complex, balanced, round; lots of ripe fruits with cedarwood, rosemary and black pepper
  26. Mentor Cabernet Sauvignon 2011, Barossa, Australia – green leaf, dark fruits and a hint of forest litter; in the mouth it is subtle and fresh with round tannins
  27. Moda Cabernet Merlot 2012, McLaren Vale, Australia – lots of barrel aromas, raisins, dried plum; rustic, medium full and balanced
  28. Mount Edelstone Vineyard 2012, Eden Valley, Australia – full, complex with lots of tannins; strawberries, black currant and black cherry
  29. Mourvedre Samuels Gorge 2013, Mclaren Vale, Australia – dry, full and subtle on the palate; lots of black fruit flavours
  30. Nebbiolo S.C. Pannell 2010, Adelaide hills, Australia – heavy flower aroma with a note of earth and truffles; in the mouth it is full of blackberries and spices with ripe tannins
  31. Nursery Project GMG 2011, McLaren Vale, Australia – fresh, silky and decilate with strawberry and blueberry flavours, spices and raspberry acidity
  32. Oliver’s Taranga Grenache 2012, McLaren Vale, Australia – easy to drink, quite fresh and balanced with round tannins, spices and a hint of plum
  33. Pinot Noir Giles, Adelaide Hills, Australia – delicate, balanced and complex; strawberries, red currant, wanilla and sweet spices
  34. Pinot Noir Limited Release 2010, Fleurieu, Australia – light, fresh, dry; some stable aromas with a note of herbs
  35. Reserve Grenache Serafino 2012, McLaren Vale, Australia – very concentrated with lots of fruit flavours (blackberry, black cherry) with black pepper
  36. Reserve Shiraz Graham Stevens 2008, McLaren Vale, Australia – a well-balanced wine with a character; black fruits, liquorice, coffee, nut and note of oak tree
  37. Reserve Shiraz MJ 2003 McLaren Vale, Australia – smooth and balanced with ripe tannins and black fruit flavours
  38. Reserve Shiraz MJ 2011, McLaren Vale, Australia – ripe tannins, black fruit flavours, red currant acidity and woody finish with black pepper and herbs
  39. Riddoch Coonawarra 2012, Coonawarra, Australia – ripe, round, complex and balanced; black cherry, black currant, lots of oak flavours and finish with thyme and rosemary
  40. Shiraz Viognier Parrii Estate 2006, McLaren Vale, Australia – smooth, delicate,well-balanced; flowers, herbs,black currant and spices
  41. Stevens Family Shiraz 2010, McLaren Vale, Australia – smooth and delicate with lots of spices and oak flavours
  42. Stonewell Shiraz 2010, Barossa, Australia – ripe, round and well-structured with lots of tannins; chocolate, black cherry, black currant and aniseed
  43. Tempranillo by S.C. Pannell 2014, Sellick Hill, Australia – fresh and well-balanced with some residual sugar; nutmeg, cigar, leather and a hint of black cherrya
  44. Teusner Joshua 2013, Barossa, Australia – beautiful black currant with blackberry, blueberry and cherry; subtle tannins and finish with black pepper
  45. The Angelus Cellar Door Release 2012, McLaren Vale, Australia – a heaven in the mouth! Complex, full, rustic; ripe dark fruits and herbs, ripe tannins and long finish
  46. The Start of Greece Shiraz 2008, McLaren Vale, Australia – well-balanced, full and fruity with spices and herbs
  47. The Vicar Shiraz Chapel Hill 2012, McLaren Vale Australia – full bodied and sikly with ripe tannins; flowers, ripe dark fruits, aniseed
  48. Volnay Pitures Premier Cru Cote de Beaune 2002, Burgundy, France – well-balanced and long; dried dark fruits in the aroma and black currant and spices in the mouth
  49. VSV Ruediger Cabernet 2013, Barossa Valley, Australia – interesting, a bit rustic with lots of black currant and blackberry flavours
  50. Zinfandel 2013 Kangarilla Road, McLaren Vale, Australia – a subtle perfumed aroma; dark fruits, spices and a hint of sweet beetroots

It was not that easy to prepare top 50 of wines. I cannot say why I chose 50 instead of 100 or 200; I had to choose only 50 and it means a lot of amazing wines are not on the list. But you will find them later in Tasting Room. How about you and your top 50 reds? Do you like or not like any of these wines? Feel free to share in the comments!

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