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There are many free stock photos to use on the internet and many bloggers use them on their websites. Personally, I prefer to use my own pictures on my wine website, but I don’t mind adapting free stock pictures for WBT purposes ;) I’ve been searching for the free stock photos for wine blogs and I found some that you might be interested in.

Recently I wrote about different types of the Creative Commons licenses and you are very welcome to read it here – Creative Commons – some rights reserved. In this article, you can find out more about the copyrights and what to focus on while looking for free pictures in the open web.

At the same time, I’ve been thinking about whether there are any pictures for wine lovers or not. I was very surprised! There are plenty of wine-related photos available for free on the internet and I would like to provide you with links to these sites.

Note: I search the wine-related photos using two main keywords: wine and vineyards. If any of the links below don’t work, then in the particular website search the pictures using one of two keywords.


Let’s have a closer look at 5 top free stock photos for wine blogs: – in my opinion the best of all of the free stock photos websites available online. There are many of very good quality pictures and wine-related icons under the CC0 license (read more about CC0 here). You will find here photos of grapes, vineyards, people enjoying wine, wine and food pictures and wine glasses; also there are plenty of pictures presenting other alcohol and cocktails. Both keywords: wine, vineyard. – this stock website offers a lot of pictures and every 10 days there are 10 new photos uploaded. Wine lovers will find a few dozen of wine-related pictures to choose from. The pictures are not the best quality, but they are ok for the internet and I believe you can find something interesting for you. There are links for two keywords:  wine and vineyard.


Related article: Creative Commons – some rights reserved. What type of copyright license are available? Which photos you can use for free? What Public Domain CC0 copyright license means? Find out more in the Creative Commons – some rights reserved article. – another stock website that offers plenty of wine-related pictures to download for free. There are a few very good quality pictures and you can choose pictures with wine glasses, people drinking wine or vineyards and grapes. Link to wine photos from PicJumbo here. – another site with many free stock photos, also a great choice for wine bloggers (about 1500 wine-related photos). You will find there a good and average quality of photos, just need to look around for a while. Pictures of wine and champagne glasses, people drinking wine, vineyards, wine bottles and wine cellars. Links for keywords: wine and vineyards. – over 1500 free photos of wine to choose from, the quality varies between pictures, but there are some great quality photos to download, you just need to spend some time to get through all of them and find the best ones for you. Photos of wine glasses, people with wine, vineyards, wine corks and wine cellars. Links to pictures for two keywords: wine, vineyards.


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Remember to make sure that you are allowed to legally use, share and modify the pictures you want to use. The website you’re downloading the picture from should provide the type of license for all of the pictures if offers; often free photos are licensed under the CC0, but always check it before using the picture.

Most of these free stock photos for wine blogs I described above are licensed with CC0 Public Domain and free to use but check it once again before downloading the photo.


I wonder: do you use stock photos for your blog or you take your own? Do you often check the license of the photo before using it? Would you add any other free stock photos for wine blogs links? I will be happy to read your comments!



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