Gaintza Getariako Txakolina 2013

Unbelievably fresh rose, Gaintza Getariako Txakolina 2013 from Basque Country (Chacoli de Guetaria in Spanish) is a perfect wine for summer but I enjoyed it yesterday even if it is the middle of winter ;)

Moreover, Txakolis are mostly white, so I enjoyed my rose one even more.

The colour reminds me a bit of boiled sweets but the aroma is simply amazing – strawberry and raspberry with a hint of black fruits and some spices, herbs and wood from a fruit tree.

In the mouth the wine tastes of strawberries with a touch of petillance (natural gas). On the palate there are red fruits flavours, white pepper and… goat cheese ;) With its raspberry acidity and very nice aroma it is worthwhile trying.

Gaintza Getariako Txakolina Getaria 2013

Gaintza Getariako Txakolina 2013 – wine details:

Wine – Gaintza Getariako Txakolina Roses
Country – Spain
Region – Basque Country
Appellation – Getariako Txakolina DO
Vintage – 2013
Grape varieties – Hondarrabi Zuri, Hondarrabi Beltza
Producer – Txakoli Gaintza
Vineyards – on slopes close to Bay of Biscay
Style and type – pétillant naturel, rose, dry
Alcohol – 11%
Barrel ageing – no
Serving temperature – 8-10°C
Cellaring – no, it was the last call to open this bottle
Price range – about 10-15 Euro


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