Graham Stevens Vintage Fortified Shiraz 2014

Wine Lady tasting note and wine review of Graham Stevens Vintage Fortified Shiraz 2014

Vintage Fortified Shiraz WOW! Following our luscious 2010 and 2012 Vintage Fortified Shiraz releases, the “wow” factor is again obvious in the 2014 vintage. The year was another outstanding one in the vineyard for producing quality McLaren Vale Shiraz. Rich with varietal characters and tremendous bottle age potential, I have done it again!” (Graham Stevens)

I remember when Graham poured this wine to my glass and said “I’d like you to taste my WOW! wine, I think you’ll love it”. I looked at him and smiled; it was just after I said I had to go as it was already late (he should close the cellar door at 4:30, about 15 minutes ago :p) and I had to come back to the town of McLaren Vale …on foot ;) It was my “walking and visiting day”.

I couldn’t resist trying another wine as I loved all of the previous ones I tasted at his cellar door. I looked at the wine in the glass and it was purple and black and very oily; seemed to be like an old vintage and by old I mean at least 50 years :p The bouquet was delicate and I definitely was not expecting to smell pharmacy, earth, leather and toffee… after about 30 second the purity of fruits came out and blueberries and blackberries aromas overpowered the first earthy aromas. I had no idea what to expect in the mouth…

I took one sip and closed my eyes. I was able to say only one word “WOW!”; I’ve noticed a smile on Graham’s face; Vintage Fortified Shiraz – a WOW wine ;)

The wine was full, rich, complex and luscious. The sweetness was beautifully balanced with lively acidity; the wine had solid structure and light and soft tannins. On the palate Vintage Fortified Shiraz was full of sweet cherries, dried plums, raisins and dried apricot with a hint of sweet black currant marmalade and blackberries. The powerful purity of fruit was beautifully integrated with strong note of spices. Finish was long with pure dried plum. I have never tried that type of wine in my life and I was very impressed with the multiplicity of flavours.

After a couple of minutes Graham said “now you understand why I call it my ‘WOW! Wine’”.

Yes, Graham, I do understand; and I will never forget this outstanding wine and experience I had at Graham Stevens’ cellar door.

Wine Lady tasting note and wine review of Graham Stevens Vintage Fortified Shiraz 2014


Wine – Vintage Fortified
Country – Australia
Region – South Australia
Appellation – McLaren Vale (McLaren Flat)
Vintage – 2014
Grape varieties – Shiraz
Producer – Graham Stevens Wines (read more)
Winemaker – Graham Stevens
Vineyards – Shiraz vineyards in McLaren Vale
Soils – nd
Style and type – fortified
Alcohol – 19%
Barrel ageing – no
Cellaring – yes
Price range – 25$
Others – to produce this wine Graham uses grape spirit; there’s no barrel aging involved;
Tasting date – March 2015, Graham Stevens Wines, McLaren Vale, Australia



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