Vintage 2015 – harvest report 2015 update, 1st of September

Two words about what’s going on at the moment! A short harvest report 2015 update for grapes picking

Harvest Report 2015, Wine Lady




It looks like we’re picking! Whites for the sparkling base wine has been already picked, some of the Semillons are also already in the winery. Other producers start picking tomorrow and during next few days (depends on the grape variety and the land the vines are grown).

The alcohol level may be quite high according to very hot summer, the acidity is low, I’ve been tasting grapes almost every day during last few weeks and you can taste the low acidity and high sugar level with lots of fruit character!

For reds we’ re still waiting, although we estimate the harvest will be about 10-12 days ahead with the first picking perhaps about 18-20 of September. Let’s hope the weather will be nice!

During the day there is about 30 degrees with some rain from time to time and cool evenings and nights (about 16-18 degrees). We had a huge storm last night; luckily no hail. Although it rains every few days, there are still many vineyards in Bordeaux that are very dry!


pic: M.H.



Lots of sun and extreme heat have created perfect conditions for grapes to ripen fully and in some places the harvest has started at the end of August.

Yesterday Muscat and Grenache Gris have been picked in some vineyards and the base wine for sparkling has started already in Limoux. Muscat and early white grapes have started in Languedoc, while Roussillon starts picking this week.

We estimate the harvest of black grapes will start about 14th of September in Roussillon (Maury), let’s keep the fingers crossed for the weather!

The weather is good, sunny and warm (about 24-26 degrees) although in some parts of the region there’s a lot of humidity and some of the Chardonnays already have botrytis (the bad one).

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