How to write a high converting start here page.

How to write high converting start here page for wine business website or wine blog by Wine Lady

Let’s make it clear from the beginning – a ‘start-here’ page is not essential for running a successful wine website. It may be, however, very helpful for new readers, who visit your website for the first time. Additionally, you may turn your start here page into a high converting page, which will be very valuable for you.

Think of a start here page (or a getting-started page, or a new reader page, or any other name page) as a detailed menu or a table of contents, which will guide your readers through your wine website. It is an easy way to introduce new readers to your online activities, so they know what they can find on your wine business website or passionate wine blog.

Giving a good first impression.

People, who have never visited your website before, most probably know nothing about you and they don’t know what to expect. Use your start here page as a brief introduction to your site. Make sure you are clear with who it is for. Give new readers the best possible experience on your site.


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Moreover, by covering specifically who the blog or website is for, you eliminate people who are not interested in what you offer. You don’t need to worry about these people, as the most important visitors are those, who are interested in what you do. It is them who you want to keep on site to read your wine blog, sign up to your email list and turn into loyal customers in the future. Make sure they know your wine website is a perfect place for them to hang around.


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How to make sure your start here page is awesome?

Simply show the newcomers what you do and how they can benefit from you. List the unique benefits your visitors can gain from browsing your wine blog and all the parts of your website. Focus on your target and make it clear what’s the purpose of your writing and why you think it is the best page for them.

Afterwards, link to your best content. For example, add a couple of links to the most popular articles from each category of your wine blog.

I assume you already have an email list and you send newsletters to your subscribers. A start here page is a great opportunity to invite new visitors to join your subscribers’ list, so don’t forget to place a sign-up button.


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Mention an online shop, if you sell your products or services online. Give a few examples of products or services by linking to them, so it is clear what you’re selling. Do you have any giveaways? Link them up! Make sure the newcomers have access to all the freebies you offer.

It is also a great opportunity to remind new readers that you are available on social media and link to your social wine-profiles. Give them a chance to become your followers!

Some people write about themselves in their start here pages. I suggest keeping your start here page and about me page separately, as their objects and goals differ.


Hence you write about wine…

Finally, as you write about wine (or any other alcohol), consider adding some legal info such as a short note that you write for adults only and that you want your readers to be at their legal age of drinking (the age varies depends on the country) to read, comment or somehow react with your website. It is not a necessity, but personally, I like to make sure my visitors know I write about alcohol and I don’t want people who are underage to read it.



Furthermore, I would like to propose you where to put links to your start here page. Firstly, you may add it to your menu or top navigation bar. Secondly, it may be a banner on your sidebar or a pop-up banner that will appear on top of your site when a new visitor accesses your site. Thirdly, think about making it your home page or adjusting your home page to be more new readers friendly. Finally, consider sharing url links to your start page on social media instead of sharing an url just to your blog posts.


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In conclusion

I find a start here page valuable and I recommend you to create one. It doesn’t have to be a long page, just make sure you’ve covered the most important topics and remember to refresh it from time to time by adding new links as you develop your website.

To sum up, let’s have a look at 7 elements of an effective start here page. You don’t have to cover all the topics, but first three are essential in my opinion.


7 elements of an effective start here page:

1. Ideal reader (who the website is for?)
2. Benefits (how newcomers can benefit from your site?)
3. Links to your best content.
4. Free resources.
5. An invitation to join your email list.
6. Products and services you sell.
7. Links to your social media.


All in all, make sure you give the best possible first impression by making it easier for new readers to navigate through your wine website. And remember: Well-written start-here pages are high-converting pages, which mean better statistics for you, such as a lower bounce rate and higher page per visit rate.


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