How to make a Dream Board for Wine Lovers

We all dream about something and we all are happy when our dreams come true. As wine lovers we dream about wines we would like to taste, wine regions we would like to visit, wine people we would like to meet in person or any other wine-related thing that we don’t have and we want to have.

The more we think about our dreams, the more we believe in ourselves, the closer the dreams are and the more possible it is to make them come true. But the dreams need to be specified, we need to know exactly what we want!

I see it very often – people say they have dreams, but asked for telling me about them, they are not able to precise what it is they dream about so much. So don’t waste more time, take a piece of paper and write down your biggest wine dreams or create your own wine lover’s dream board.


What do you need to create your own dream board?

  • Lots of wine magazines, leaflets or brochures about wine
  • Scissors
  • Board or a big piece of paper sheet
  • Glue or pins
  • Some space on the wall in front of your eyes

How to make it? It’s very easy!

  1. Just get through the wine magazines and cut the pictures of wines, places, regions, etc you dream about.
  2. Then glue these pictures to a paper sheet or pin it to your board.
  3. Voila! Your dream board is ready to use!
  4. Now place it on a wall so you can see it often and every time you look at your board feel as you already have what you dream of :)


You have to have dreams! The world without dreams is sad, dark and has no sense! Wine is a pleasure, a discovery and a lifestyle of a wine lover. Remember to desire bottles of wine; it doesn’t matter whether you have money or not. Just dream about them. Remember to dream about wine places you would like to visit and wine people you would like to meet; you never know what’s waiting for you just around the corner of your life. As the opportunity comes, just take your chance and enjoy! I believe in you.


Wine Lady’s dream board

I also have dreams; hopefully soon I will turn some of them into goals to achieve. I would like to visit wine regions: South Africa (Stellenbosch and Cape Town), Portugal (Douro, Minho and Porto) and North America (Napa Valley and Ontario). I would like to visit a place where oak barrels are made and I’d love to make the ice-wine somewhere in Germany, Austria or Canada.

I dream about my own vineyard where I could plant vines and build a winery to produce wine. I dream about my wines being awarded for their high quality and recognized all over the world. On my dream board there’s a bottle of Chateau d’Yquem but I got one this summer for my birthday (hurray! Yes, I cried when I unwrapped the box and no, I wasn’t expecting it) and it’s time to replace it with another one. I also think it’s time to make my dream board slightly bigger as there’s more and more things I would like to add to it!

And what about you, what are you dreaming about? Are there any wine regions you would like to visit? Are there any wines you would like to taste? Is there anyone special you would like to meet in person? Share your dreams in the comments below and let me know what you’re dreaming about!

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