The profitability of investing in a small vineyard and winery [book review]

A book by Paul Dakis, Peter Hayes, Drew Noon and John Whiting is an interesting report – the financial guide for those, who consider investing in vineyards and wine production.

Recently I have been searching for any reports that help me write a business plan and check the profitability of investing money (and time, and work) in a small vineyard in France therefore I find this report very helpful and I was very happy when I found it by chance between other books.

The Profitability of Investing in a small Vineyard and Winery
The Profitability in a small Vineyard and Winery.

Of course you can say the report is quite old and authors write about a vineyard in Australia but in general this small book provides the background from which I can create my own report considering the changes in a world of wine, a different location of vineyard and totally different market.

The book is very easy to understand and provides not only information about all the elements that need considering while investing in a vineyard and winery but also helps to understand the reason why the authors think of different scenarios.

The Profitability of Investing in a small Vineyard and Winery

Original title: “The Profitability of Investing in a small Vineyard and Winery”; Authors: Paul Dakis, Peter Hayes, Drew Noon, John Whiting; Agriculture Victoria; Lynch Rural Agricultural Business Consultants; Research Report Series No. 87; March 1995; Produced with the support of: Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation; State Government of Victoria Agriculture and Food Initiative Funding. ISBN 0 7306 4172 4.

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  • mark hoddy

    I remember using this book whilst studying winemaking at university. it was a very useful book then and if adapted to modern times, little has changed.