Jeff Carrel Goldfisch 2015

Wine Lady Jeff Carrel Goldfisch 2015

I am a huge fan of bone dry Rieslings, especially those from Germany and Austria. Therefore, in general, I keep away from tasting new Rieslings as very often they are too sweet for me. This time, though, I decided to buy a bottle of Jeff Carrel Goldfisch 2015 as I’ve tasted many of Jeff Carrel’s wines before and they were exceptional. This way I found an outstanding French Riesling that I could fill my cellar with!


Jeff Carrel Goldfisch 2015, ‘comme un poisson dans l’eau’, is a bright yellow coloured wine with some yellow-gold hues. The aroma is deep, strong and very fresh. The bouquet consists of acacia flowers, honey, white peach and a subtle note of the lemon peel.


In the mouth, Jeff Carrel Goldfisch 2015 is beautifully dry and perfectly balanced. Lively and zesty acidity is nicely balanced with distinct fruit notes. Although the body of the wine is richer (comparing to a typical Riesling from Germany or Austria), it is absolutely refreshing and I still categorize it as a light/medium bodied wine.


The palate is full of citrus flavours with a strong note of white peach and some delicate spices. The finish is very long and fresh with bitter spices and a hint of a lemon peel.



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Jeff Carrel Goldfisch 2015 – Wine Lady



To be honest with you, it is the first time I had ‘my-style-Riesling’ in France. While living in Poland I had access to many good Rieslings and since I moved to France this is what I really miss: great, dry Rieslings that are fresh, well-balanced and offer more flavours than a lemony note and high acidity, not saying a word about those off-dry ones with too much of residual sugar ;)


If you are in France and are looking for a great Riesling, then Jeff Carrel Goldfisch 2015 is a great choice for you! By the way, it’s been the first time I’ve visited recently opened shop ‘by Jeff Carrel’ in Narbonne and I really like the place!


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Jeff Carrel Goldfisch 2015 wine details:

Wine – Goldfisch ‘comme un poisson dans l’eau’ by Jeff Carrel
Country – France
Region – Languedoc-Roussillon
Appellation – Pays d’Herault, IGT
Vintage – 2015
Grape varieties – Riesling
Producer – Jeff Carrel
Distributor / Importer – Jeff Carrel
Winemaker – Jeff Carrel
Vineyards – Languedoc-Roussillon
Soils – nd
Style and type – still; white, sec-dry
Alcohol – 13% vol.
Barrel ageing – nd
Cellaring – best to drink young and fresh
Price range – 12 EUR
Tasting date – 20160518, France, Peyriac de Mer



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