La Curio McLaren Vale – the passion doesn’t need an elegant packaging

Allison, Charlotte and I were on our way for lunch, when she stopped the car and said “It’s Adam’s car, we’ll check if he is there. You will like it”.

And we checked. And I liked it.


A small winery looked like the magical things are going on in it. There were no beautiful silver tanks that look amazing on photos nor nicely painted walls with pictures in frames and statues but there were passion and enthusiasm and they just fell on me the same moment I came in.

You can tell that no one is forced to be there because after a while you don’t want to leave, you prefer to stay a bit longer and enjoy this mystical energy.


La Curio Wines McLaren Vale South Australia


After a short conversation and greetings I knew why I recognized the place – the old RedHeads Studio was there long time ago! Adam took over the winery and moved La Curio Wines to this place, making it his new (old?) winery.

La Curio was established in 2003 and wines from Chardonnay, Grenache, Sangiovese, Primitivo (Zinfandel), Mataro and Shiraz are made here.


La Curio Wines McLaren Vale South Australia


Adam asked me how many wineries I have already seen. “Well, it’s my first one”. I didn’t want to tell everyone that I have spent last few days on the beach doing literally NOTHING. Oh, what a lazy time it was! ;) I was surprised when Adam said he would like to show me the winery because I knew how much work was going on at the moment. Therefore I was (and I still am) very grateful.


La Curio Wines McLaren Vale South Australia


The winery is quite small but big enough for few tanks and tons of grapes. Outside the winery there are barrels waiting for wine, the press and other equipment that they use during the harvest. I’ve seen the fermentation of Pinot Noir, fermentation of Chardonnay, destemming and pressing of Sangiovese. I’ve tasted two glasses of Chardonnay juice; very fresh and much fruiter than Chardonnay from France!


La Curio Wines McLaren Vale South Australia


La Curio Wines McLaren Vale South Australia


The winery is surrounded by vineyards but, unfortunately, they don’t belong to Adam. It could be great if the vineyards were so close to the winery!


La Curio Wines McLaren Vale South Australia


I believe Adam’s passion to wine will never disappear. I had no chance to try any of his wines this time but I will definitely come back to La Curio! I will bring Mark with me as he and Adam haven’t seen each other for almost 10 years!

To find out more about La Curio Wines go to:


La Curio Wines McLaren Vale South Australia


La Curio Wines McLaren Vale South Australia


La Curio Wines McLaren Vale South Australia


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  • Mark hoddy

    Adam Hooper, a great winemaker!

  • Hi Mark,
    thanks for comment – yes, Adam is an amazing winemaker!

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  • Adam is a friend of ours. What a small world indeed!! PS His 2012 Shiraz just a 94 or 96 rating from Australia’s most well known critic. Hooray!

    • Hi Louise! ;) Thanks for popping by! Probably you also know Philbo and Nath? :p Small world indeed!! :)) Hopefully I will visit Australia next year as I have an invitation to the Vale, could be nice to meet you in person! :)

      • Fantastic news!! Would love to meet you. I might be a married lady by then too (wedding day 7th May 2016)

      • I’ll let you know when I’m around :) and congratulations for you – hope the wedding preparations are going well :)) the wedding dress in colour of the wine or a classic white one? ;))

      • Hahaha! In between wine & white, and hopefully I won’t spill any on the day! ;-)