La Grace de L’Hermitage 2007

I am a huge fan of blind tastings! It requires more effort during the tasting and I have to focus more on the liquid, but also I love the fitness of my mind while trying to put all the puzzles together. The possible grape variety, the possible region, the possible year… this is a lot of fun and it does more experience-wise than just a custom tasting.

Some time ago I’ve been given a glass of red wine with a note attached to it saying “what wine is it?

And I started the blind-game with some ideas of what it could have been in my glass…

First sniff brought me lots of black currant, spices, black olives and some leather notes. The aroma was quite intense and complex. There was the elegance of French wines just above the glass.

In the mouth wine was rich, developed, concentrated and silky. Full and rich of black fruits (blackberries, blackcurrants, black cherries and red currants) and high, crispy acidity. Tannins were round, ripe and soft. The finish was long with an intense hint of black pepper. The wine was harmonious, well-balanced, complex and lingering. It had to be a quality wine!

Time to put the puzzles into an image: definitely France, about 5 years old, good quality wine; it was too weak and to acidic for Cabernet Sauvignon, too complex and too rich for Merlot, it wasn’t a Grenache wine (too intense, and colour was deep and dark) nor a Pinot Noir, so I went for Syrah from Rhone Valley.

I hit the bullseye!

It was: La Grace de l’Hermitage 2007 from Rhone Valley, Hermitage, France, made from Syrah! Feeling good! ;)


La Grace de L’Hermitage 2007


La Grace l’Hermitage 2007 – wine details:

Wine – La Grace L’Hermitage 2007
Country – France
Region – Rhone Valley
Appellation – Hermitage
Vintage – 2007
Grape varieties – syrah 100%
Winemaker and Consultant – Mark Hoddy
Vineyards – belongs to a famous Hermitage producer
Style and type – red, still, dry
Alcohol – 14%
Barrel ageing – yes, 14 months in French oak
Serving temperature – 18°C
Cellaring – yes
Price range – 25-30 Euro
Tasting date – 2015

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