La Voute Selection Terroir 2012

La Voute Selection Terroir 2012 is one of the best barrel aged Burgundy-style whites I ever tasted! The older the better, although the wine is also very good and refreshing while drinking young.

Below you will find two short tasting notes – one from my last tasting (Jan 2015) and the second one from October 2013, just a while after the wine had been bottled.

(January 2015)
Thick wine with a golden colour and amazing, fresh aroma.

In the bouquet there are ripe peach, subtle flowery sweetness (magnolia and accacia) with a hint of lime.

In the mouth La Voute Selection Terroir 2012 is full, perfectly balanced and concentrated. It has creamy consistence , high level of acidity and lots of ripe tannins. There is no residual sugar and wine is dry, but while drinking you can notice some sweetness-like flavours that come from barrel ageing. New barrels also add body, vanilla and oaky flavours. The alcohol is pronounced but in a good way – the wine is neither hot nor heavy but the alcohol beautifully builds the structure of the wine. What makes me feel amazing while drinking it is the feeling like eating subtle petals of flowers – what a brilliant experience!




(October 2013)
La Voute Selection Terroir 2012 is a thick wine with golden reflections and lots of legs on the glass. It shows complex aromas of peach, lemon, oak and toast with a nice hint of vanilla sweetness. In the mouth it is full, complex and tastes of peaches and apples. The barrel is very pronounced on the palate. Although there is 13,5% volume noticed on the label, you cannot taste any alcohol. The wine is still closed and needs some time to rest so it can show its best.

If you have any opportunity to taste La Voute make sure it is about 3-4 years old because in my opinion it is the best time for it to be consumed.

La Voute Selection Terroir 2012 – wine review:

Wine – La Voute Selection Terroir
Country – France
Region – Languedoc-Roussillon
Appellation – Limoux AOC
Vintage – 2012
Grape varieties – Chardonnay 100%
Winemaker – Mark Hoddy
Style and type – still; white, dry
Alcohol – 13,5%
Barrel ageing – yes, 12 months in new French oak
Serving temperature – 13-14°C
Cellaring – yes
Price range – 15-18 pounds
Tasting date – Jan 15; Oct 13

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