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Social networks are a great tool in order to stay in touch with others on a daily basis. I post regularly on my social media and I try my best to answer questions and comments as soon as possible. Yet due to work and many activities I do, I am not online all the time ;) If you use social media, I encourage you to follow me and write to me as often as you wish.

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And here’s where you can find me on social networks:



This is the first social media I ever created and is still going on well! My personal-ish profile, but I mainly tweet about my wine passion and wine writing. This is also my main tool to stay in touch with people from a wine industry and other wine lovers; twitter short messages are a great way to do so! To follow me on Twitter – click here.



Instagram is my newest social platform and I like the way it works. However, it’s such a pity it starts to be more and more linked to Facebook. Still, I am on Instagram often, posting photos from tastings and other wine-moments. I’d be happy to see you as my follower :) To follow me on Instagram – click here.



Although staying in touch via Facebook page is more difficult than ever before, I still use it, so like my page and stop by to get updates and benefit from what I’m doing there. To like my Facebook page – click here.



Come and check my boards, they are full of wine! Not only my own stuff, as I love to share what other wine lovers do too ;)

On my Pinterest, you will find many interesting wine-related pictures, including beautiful photos, wine maps, wine&food pairings and many motivational wine quotes that (I hope!) will inspire you to explore the world of wine even more than before. To follow my boards on Pinterest – click here.




I have a profile on Bloglovin’ but I have to admit I rarely use it. The main thing with Bloglovin’ is that it has got the RSS feed from my website and it makes it easier for readers to stay up-to-date with the articles on Wine-Lady.com.

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