Domaine Michel Thomas Sancerre Rose 2014

Domaine Michel Thomas Sancerre Rose 2014, a wine made from Pinot Noir grapes in Loire Valley, was not something I was expecting when I heard ‘I’ve opened Sancerre, you want some?’ ;) I do not often drink Sancerre Rose, not to say I barely drink any roses :p But this one was delicious and I consider it my ‘refreshing white’ if I cannot decide whether I want a white wine or a red one ;)

Domaine Michel Thomas Sancerre Rose 2014 had a pale salmon colour and although it was a still wine, it had lots of tiny natural bubbles that stuck to the glass just after pouring it, just to disappear after a while.

The aroma was quite typical for all the roses – sweet strawberry, bitter raspberry, heavy aromas of blackberry and delicacy of blueberry. The second bouquet consist of beautiful hints of lychee, cherry, red grapefruit and some herbs.




In the mouth the wine was well-balanced, dry with some sweet impressions but it was rather sweetness of the ripe fruits than residual sugar. Generally it was very complex, showed a huge range of flavours, starting with fruits (cherry, red apple, grapefruit, raspberry), then vegetables (red pepper), leaves (beautiful notes of green tea) and herbs and spices with pronounced white pepper at the finish. Very fresh and complex wine with pure minerality and quite full body (12,5% vol. on the label, but wine is thick and it feels like the alcohol level is a bit higher).

Domaine Michel Thomas Sancerre Rose 2014s had another characteristic, not very typical for roses – it was very ‘cold’ but not from the temperature point of view. It gave a strange cold feeling, such like the cool and industrial impressions that you feel while watching the industrial buildings area, which was absolutely amazing for me. A beautiful wine!




Domaine Michel Thomas Sancerre Rose 2014 – wine review

Wine – Sancerre Rose
Country – France
Region – Loire Valley
Appellation – Sancerre AOC
Vintage – 2014
Grape varieties – pinot noir
Producer – Domaine Michel Thomas & Fils
Style and type – still; dry, rose
Alcohol – 12,5%
Serving temperature – 10-12°C
Cellaring – to drink during next few months
Price range – 15-18 pounds
Tasting date – Feb 15

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