Miss Eugenie Extra Brut Methode Traditionelle NV (2014)

One look at the bottle of  Miss Eugenie 2014 and I was in love! In my opinion Jerome Choblet is the master of wine labels as each wine I have a pleasure to taste had very interesting label. In general, Jerome’s wines have not only great labels but also the wines are extraordinary. Let’s have a closer look at this women-friendly sparkling wine ;) (Men will also enjoy it, but we will fall in love with the label first, then with the wine ;) )

The bubbles are subtle and perfectly round and Miss Eugenie 2014 has a delicate apricot-like colour.

The aroma is simply amazing! Complex fruits, flowers and herbs permeate and the wine calls you to taste it! The bouquet consist of lychee, bananas, passion fruit and the peel of red grapefruit. In the aroma you will also find: honeysuckle, strawberries, herbs and a subtle hint of white pepper.

In the mouth Miss Eugenie 2014 is very pleasant, dry, kind of ‘fluffy’ and very well-balanced. You will taste some residual sugar. The wine is not long, has nice apple and pineapple flavours with a bitter note of lime on the finish. Perfect on its own as an aperitif!




Jerome Choblet is one of the most interesting Loire winemakers I met so far. His wines are very diverse, taste amazing, and the labels are one of the bests I have ever seen. I think he is a brilliant marketer and I am very interested in his stories behind the labels and inspirations for new wines.

This bottle of Miss Eugenie was a gift from Jerome, as he wanted me to taste his new work of art. Unfortunately for me (and fortunately for him) he sold all of the wines and I had no possibility to buy a case of Miss Eugenie! If you have a chance to buy new vintages, just do it – you won’t regret :)





Miss Eugenie 2014 – wine review:

Wine – Miss Eugenie Extra Brut Methode Traditionelle
Country – France
Region – Loire Valley Appellation – Methode Traditionnelle
Vintage – NV(2014)
Grape varieties – Grolleau Gris
Producer – Domaine des Herbauges
Winemaker – Jerome Choblet
Style and type – sparkling; dry – extra brut
Alcohol – 12,5%
Serving temperature – 8-10°C
Cellaring – drink now
Price range – 15 Euro
Others – method traditionelle; extra brut
Tasting date – Feb 2015

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