November’s last weekly blend

Last week was all about good wines, shopping and gifts that made me feel better. In addition to tasting notes of new wines in this post I will write about problems with white wines from 2014 vintage, some new gadgets in my collection and others that I hope you will find interesting. Let’s start with tasting notes of whites from last week.

Les Hauts de Smith 2012

Les Hauts de Smiths 2012

The second wine of Haut Smith Lafitte is a nice, fresh white wine with nice aroma of cut grass, melon, pineapple, green beans and some bitter herbs. Apart from that you will find in the glass some buttery aromas, green tea, lime skin and the wood that you notice while buying the new furniture in IKEA. The palate is mouthfulling with high acidity, pronounced lemon and lime skin; body is medium but nicely supported with black olives and black pepper with lemon skin at the finish. The wine was made from Sauvignon Blanc but it tasted not as SB – either they just wrote that it is SB and in fact there is other grape (for example Semillon) or they kept it too long in the barrels (or not necessarily too long, but maybe wrong type of barrel?) – it had definitely too much oak and was too heavy for a Sauvignon Blanc. So if you look for a typical Pessac-Leognan white this wine may be not a good idea.

– – – Les Hauts de Smiths 2012; Haut Smith Lafitte; France, Bordeaux, Pessac-Leognan AOC; 100% sauvignon blanc; 13% vol.; about 25 Euro; #48.4/2014 – – –

Anthea Sancerre 2010

Anthea Sancerre 2010

Grassy, gooseberry and full of lemon skin in the bouquet. Mouth is very lemony with some spices and a bitter flavour of lime skin at the finish. Anthea is a nice wine, very fresh and tastes amazing with goat cheese!

– – – Anthea Sancerre 2010; Daniel Reverdy&Fils; France, Loire Valley, Sancerre AOC; 12,5% vol; about 20 Euro; #48.4/2014 – – –

Chateau de Chamboureau Savennieres 2006

Chateau de Chamboureau Savennieres 2006 – MY WINE OF THE WEEK

An amazing example of old Savennieres! It’s been 8 years and the wine brings lots of freshness on the palate. Chateau de Chamboureau has an impressive honey aroma with quince, apricot, lemon skin and lots of acacia flowers. On the palate it has high level of acidity with a very good balance and just a hint of tannins. After a while I started to feel alcohol in my throat but it wasn’t an unpleased feeling. The finish is long with some herbs and a taste of acacia honey (but not sweet ;)). This wine has a good body, very good balance and very good structure. Definitely the best wine of all of the wines from last week.

– – – Chateau de Chamboureau Sauvennieres 2006; Chateau de Chamboureau; France, Loire Valley, Sauvennieres AOC; 100% Chenin Blanc; 14% vol.; #48.4/2014 – – –


Chateau de la Pierre Muscadet Cotes de Grandlieu 2013

Chateau de la Pierre Muscadet Cotes de Grandlieu 2013

A very nice wine from the hottest part of Muscadet region. Made from old vines of melon de Bourgogne the wine smells intensively of tropical fruits – melon, pineapple and banana. In the mouth is very fresh with medium acidity and some residual sugar. It has nice flavours of peach, pomelo, lime and spices. An amazing balance and very good impressions with tropical nose and lemon mouth.

– – – Chateau de la Pierre Muscadet Cotes de Grandlieu 2013; Domaine des Herbauges; France, Loire Valley; Muscadet Cotes de Grandlieu AOC; 100% Melon de Bourgogne Vieiles Vignes; 12% vol. – – –

blind tasting

Blind tasting – a white wine

The last of the whites from this week was a blind tasting. All I knew was that the wine is white and I saw the bottle with a question mark standing on the kitchen table. Good, I like blind tastings, it makes my palate more sensible and I am more focused on what I smell and taste than on knowledge about the region. The aroma was fresh although it was quite heavy – some flowers, green leaves, herbs, lemon, toffee and caramel. In the mouth the wine was medium-full with quite strong alcohol and some fruits – apricot, lime and lemon skin. Pronounced barrel flavours remided me of La Voute wine, which is a Burgundy style barrel aged chardonnay, so I said it will be an about 5-year old barrel aged chardonnay from Burgundy with about 13-14% of alcohol, rather an expensive wine.

And I was very happy because I was very close not to say I get it right ;) The wine was a Chassagne-Montrachet 2008 Grand Vin de Bourgogne 1er Cu Classe Les Champs-Gain. The grape variety is chardonnay (vieilles vignes-old vines) from Domaine Vincent et Francois Jouard from Cote d’Or with the alcohol level on 13,5% vol.

– – – Chassagne-Montrachet 2008; Grand Vin de Bourgogne 1er Cru; Les Champs-Gain; Vieilles Vignes Chardonnay; France, Burgundy, Cote d’Or; Domaine Vincent et Francois Jouard; 13,5% vol; about 75 Euro; #48.4/2014 – – –

Chassagne-Montrachet 2008; Grand Vin de Bourgogne 1er Cru; Les Champs-Gain


The next two wine were the sweet ones from Loire Valley – both two are very good examples of Loire Chenin Blanc sweet wines.

Domaine du Petit Val Bonnezeaux La Montane 2011

An amazing nose with apple acidity, sweetness of honey, quince, dried apricot, fig and walnuts. In the mouth the acidity is high and well balanced with high sugar level. Lots of Mirabelle on the palate with caramel and fig. Finish is long with some spices and apple acidity.

– – – Domaine du Petit Val Bonnezeaux La Montagne 2011; 100% Chenin Blanc; France, Loire Valley, Chavagnes Bonnezeaux La Montagne; Earl Denis Goizil; 13% vol; about 25 Euro for 750cl bottle; #48.4/2014 – – –

Domaine du Petit Val Bonnezeaux La Montane 2011


Cuvee Volupte Coteaux du Layon St Aubin Selection de Grain Nobles 2011

First sniff brings an aroma of Mirabelle. Later apart from this amazing Mirabelle there is honey but the aroma is neither very pronounced nor too sweet. The palate is opposite – very sweet, a bit too sweet for me. It tastes like a concentrated juice from peaches with Mirabelle and honey on the long finish. Wine definitely worthwhile tasting but in my opinion it will tastes better with some not sweet fruit dessert.

– – – Cuvee Volupte Coteaux du Layon St Aubin Selection de Grain Nobles 2011; Domaine Cody; France, Loire Valley, Saint Aubin de Luigne; 100% Chenin Blanc; 10% vol.; about 35 Euro for 375cl bottle; #48.4/2014 – – –

Cuvee Volupte Coteaux du Layon St Aubin Selection de Grain Nobles 2011


The last two wines were red – one from Languedoc and other from Loire Valley. Both worth your attention.

Chateau la Sauvageonne Cuvee les Ruffes 2012

A Syrah-Grenache blend from not very popular appellation of Languedoc, Terrasses du Larzac Coteaux du Languedoc. The aroma is very complex – black cherry, blueberry, blackberry, green beans and some oaky aromas such as oak wood, smoke, liquorish. The wine tastes of black fruits with black pepper and black olives. Some tannins, medium body and quite short finish. Not a quality wine but a very good example of  Languedoc for every day drinking and in this price it is a must-have.

– – – Chateau la Sauvageonne Cuvee les Ruffes 2012; Gerard Bertrand; Syrah, Grenache; France, Languedoc, Terrasses du Larzac Coteaux du Languedoc AOC; about 8 Euro; 14% vol.; #48.4/2014 – – –

Chateau la Sauvageonne Cuvee les Ruffes 2012


Cuvee Alexis Sancerre Eleve en Futs de Chene 2012

A wine with a delicate aroma of black fruits and a smoky hint. In the mouth is also very delicate and quite spicy with black cherry, blackberry and blueberry. This Pinot Noir is rather a Burgundy style Pinot, it is not a big wine with lots of intensive flavours, but shows a good complexity with an amazing balance and will be a good and cheaper substitute of Burgundy Pinot Noir.

– – – Cuvee Alexis Sancerre Eleve en Futs de Chene 2012; France, Loire Valley; Sancerre AOC Sur yen Vaux; Domaine Michel Thomas et Fils; 100% Pinot Noir; 13% vol.; about 20 Euros; #48.4/2014 – – –

Cuvee Alexis Sancerre Eleve en Futs de Chene 2012


All the wines of the last week were interesting but as much as I am happy with these that I have tasted recently, I can’t wait to taste new wines that I put to my wine cellar yesterday. I am just a woman and as (almost) every woman I love shopping and I love receiving presents so you can imagine how happy I was when I collected all the ‘treasures’ on the table.

I love shopping! :) and I love presents ;)))

I was staring at it for almost 30 minutes and I was so full of emotions that I crashed the leg of the glass with my fingers – my thumb was bleeding a lot and I still don’t know how I did it, but I believe that I am not the only one with the misfortune strength ;) Am I right? ;)

I always knew women are strong! ;)

Not only wines make me feel good but also a new wine tool that I am going to taste soon – the Pulltex Stop Oxidation System, which is the AntiOx wine stopper. According to the producer: “10 days preserving all the organoleptic caracteristics”. We will see!

my new AntiOx wine stopper!

Apart from good wines and nice surprises I was not very positively surprised by conversations with producers of white wines who said that very soon we will experience the consequences of bad weather in Italy and Languedoc where yields were lower for about 40-50% making their wine more expensive comparing to previous years. Apart from that there is a big problem with whites in Loire and Gascony – producers from Languedoc and especially from Italy buy grapes from regions in France that had no problems with the weather and I already have noticed the higher prices of white wines from Loire from 2014 vintage. I think we might find some of the Loire Sauvignon packed in an Italian bottle with a “Veneto Pinot Grigio” on the label ;)

A nice cheese-wine dinner is a good solution for Sunday evening. Especially when goat cheeses came directly from Loire producers. I am in love with them!!

I am a cheese-eater!

Another week is going to be amazing! Apart from a concert of my favorite musican, it will bring me some other interesting events: a trip to the Languedoc, a meeting with barrel producers combined with dinner and wine tasting of those wines that have been matured in the barrels, and a Vinitech exhibition which I am going to visit and enjoy in Bordeaux on Thursday. I cannot wait! More about these events you will read soon on Wine Lady!

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