My outcomes for 2017

Outcomes and goals for 2017 by Wine Lady

I do not write a list of New Year’s Resolutions each year on January. I set up my goals during the year, I review them every few months and modify if needed. After achieving one outcome, I celebrate for a while and set up a new one. In the meantime, I celebrate little successes such as daily tasks that bring me closer to my goals and outcomes.

As I committed a post about goal setting lately (you are very welcome to read it here), I decided to review my wine activities from 2016 and rethink my goals and outcomes for 2017, although many of them have already been in progress.

I would like to share some of my outcomes to encourage you to spend some time on setting up the goals and enjoying the process of reaching them.


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Progress, not perfection ;)


So… what were my reasons to celebrate?

I have achieved about 85-90% of all of the outcomes in my personal and business life during last few months.

I abandoned some of the goals as they seemed not important anymore for my wine blog, I modified others and some of them I reached before the dead line.

You may think now…

How can I be happy if I haven’t reached 100%?

Firstly, I made a lot of changes in my spreadsheet when I realized that not all of the outcomes and projects are as important as they seemed at the beginning. If you add the unexpected private circumstances and some laziness (yes, it happened to me this year), I was unable to achieve some of my goals within the dead line.

Still, I think that 85-90% is an amazing result.

I do not need to be perfect anymore. I’ve got outcomes and I do the best to my ability to accomplish them. There’s no need to walk over dead bodies to get what I want. I focus on what I’ve done well, I let myself make mistakes and I learn from those mistakes. This way I can be happy with what I have achieved till now.

Progress, not perfection ;)


Here’re some wine-blog outcomes that made me happy in 2016:

  • I created full social media strategy (in February 2016 for 9 months; then in October 2016 for another 6 months – still in progress and doing very well);
  • I have finished my new wine project ( and set up a website for it (March-May 2016);
  • I’ve reached 1000 followers on Twitter by connecting with other wine lovers, commenting on their posts and sharing their content (17 Oct 2016 – 17 Dec 2016, spending about an hour daily for the first month and 1-2 hours weekly in the second month on connecting with other Twitter users interested in wine)
  • I managed to send my Wine Lady newsletter monthly, which seemed impossible to be done as I do not have many subscribers and I didn’t feel motivated to do so at the beginning – eventually I succeed! (Jan – Dec 2016)



My goals and outcomes for 2017 – in progress

I would like to share a few of my goals and hopefully I will encourage you to spend some time on thinking about your own ones. Recently I’ve published a post about goal setting. Check it out here as you may find it helpful.


Here they are:

  • As setting up as a separate project didn’t work for me for many reasons, I have recently started to work on joining it with Wine Lady;
  • Writing regularly one to two high quality blog posts per month as untill now I have been posting rather randomly than regularly;
  • Creating a stronger brand identity and consisent visual identity for Wine Lady;
  • Developing, so it is no longer ‘just an ordinary wine blog’;
  • Taking part in wine challenges and chats to build a stronger relation with other wine bloggers;
  • Showing more personality in my interactions with readers, followers and within posts;
  • Building a stronger relation with my most significant readers (subscribers) by delivering them more value;
  • Reaching out to the new audience and developing new social media network;


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The above list shows examples of what I am working on now and continue to work for next few months of 2017. Moreover, as I set up goals during the year, different projects are time based; it means that I do not do all of them simultaneously. Some of the above will accompany me for the next 12 months (e.g. writing posts regularly) while others (such as joining wine marketing tips to Wine Lady as a new category) will take a particular amount of time and after finishing them I will move to other goals.

I willingly share my progress with you, so feel free to follow me on social networks and visit anytime. If you want to be up to date with new posts and what is going on here, sign up to my e-mailing list.



My wine lover’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

As I set up goals for my wine businesses during the year, the fashionable New Year’s resolutions are not a big thing for me. Each year, though, I challenge myself to do something good for myself as a wine lover.

In 2017 I challenge myself to:

  • Read 6 wine books I haven’t read before
  • Watch 6 wine films I haven’t seen before
  • Visit 1 wine region I haven’t visited before
  • Visit 3 other wine regions I already been to, but make the most of them this time
  • I will taste at least 10 wines per month (3 of them must be neither Bordeaux nor Midi ;))
  • Visit Le Cite du Vin in Bordeaux

Cheers to that!

Would you like to join me in 2017 Wine Lovers Challenge? Feel free to check it out and challenge the winelover within you! And most importantly, have fun!







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