Pinot Noir by Jeff Carrel 2013

One of the greatest Pinot Noirs I ever had! I had a pleasure to meet Jeff Carrel some time ago and the only one opinion I had after the meeting, was that his wines reflect his character and are his personal business card. Pinot Noir by Jeff Carrel 2013 was an exceptional example of an extraordinary Pinot Noir (not from Burgundy!) and I was surprised with how much I loved it, considering that I am not the biggest fan of PNs.

Pinot Noir by Jeff Carrel 2013 was a dark red coloured wine with beautiful bright red reflections. It was medium pale and looked like a light, fresh wine. The aroma was harmonious and delicate with lots of black cherry and black currant aromas with a hint of sweet spices (cinnamon), pink ginger and white pepper.

The last and important aroma in the bouquet was an orange ponch note, that made the wine very original and definitely different from any other Pinot Noirs I have ever tasted.




On the mouth the Pinot Noir by Jeff Carrel 2013 was balanced, complex and finesse. There was black cherry on the palate with some sweet cherry and blueberry. The wine was very delicate with satin structure and easy to drink. The finish hasn’t been very long but the unbelievably pure and satin with sweet cherry and white pepper.

Pinot Noir by Jeff Carrel was as its winemaker himself – interesting, different than others, original and definitely worthwhile trying. An amazing wine that will never be forgotten!




Pinot Noir by Jeff Carrel 2013 – wine review:

Wine – Pinot Noir by Jeff Carrel
Country – France
Region – Languedoc-Roussillon
Appellation – Pays d’Oc (Narbonne)
Vintage – 2013
Grape varieties – Pinot Noir
Producer – Jeff Carrel
Winemaker – Jeff Carrel
Style and type – still; dry red
Alcohol – 12,5%
Serving temperature – 16°C
Cellaring – yes, but it is very good now!
Tasting date – Feb 15


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