Size matters #6 – Pinterest dimensions

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This is a sixth article in a ‘Size Matters’ series and in this one I would like to focus on Pinterest dimensions. (last update: July 2016)

Although I have created a profile on Pinterest for my wine blog in 2014, I haven’t been using it too much until a few months ago when I refreshed it and started to look for inspiration. I was surprised how much wine-related content was available on Pinterest!

Let’s have a look at the Pinterest dimensions:


Profile Image

A circle made out of a 165px by 165px square. Profile image appears on top of the profile home page. Also, it appears as a circle out of 28px wide by 28px tall square image on the rest of Pinterest.

Moreover, it appears as a circle out of 28px wide by 28px tall square image on the rest of Pinterest.


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Each board on your home page displays 4 thumbnails from that board – the cover image and last three pins.

The board cover image appears as a rectangle 216px wide by 146px tall. The rest three photos on the board are placed under the board cover photo and they are displayed as small squares, each of them being 69px wide by 69px tall.




Pins in a feed display as rectangles 236px wide, while the height is scaled.

When clicking on a pin to enlarge it, it appears at up to 564px wide and the height of the image is scaled.

You can save JPEG, PNG and GIF image files.

To upload a video, you need to upload it to YouTube, Vimeo or Ted and pin it from there.


Notice: This Pinterest dimensions data is accurate for July 2016.


Pinterest dimensions and Image Sizes quick reference:

  • Profile image: a circle out of a square 165px wide by 165px tall
  • Pin sizes: 236px wide with adjusted height
  • Board cover image: 216px by 146 px
  • Board thumbnails: 69px by 69px


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