Once more, with feeling. Revamp the old posts.

Revamp the old posts and re-promote them to increase the traffic to your wine blog - tips from Wine Lady

Wine writing has one beneficial characteristic: it is timeless. You write about how to taste wine or what are the wine regions in France and in the years time the information is still valid. It may need some updates, yet in general it is still a great and mostly up-to-date content. Then.. Why not promoting it again? Rather than searching for ideas, revamp the old posts and promote them to your readers and followers. It is a great way to reach new audience and increase the traffic to your website using something you already have.


Revamp the old posts.

I believe you have some old posts that you are really proud of.

Surely there are articles on your wine blog that had reached a higher number of page views than any others. (Google Analytics will be a great tool to help you with finding the posts with the best performance.)

I bet you wrote about something, which is still valid today and can be useful for your readers.

Find these posts and make a list of them. Select 3-5 most interesting ones and re-read them.

Therefore please ask yourself:

  • Is there anything you can change within the content to make it more attractive?
  • Perhaps you can link to other posts from your website or add some external links?
  • Are the old images consistent with your current color scheme?
  • Or perhaps a new title for the post will make it more interesting?

Look for ways to revamp the old posts so they are more attractive for your readers. Think what has changed since you wrote that post for the first time and try to make it fresh, so it fits today’s market needs.

Bring it to life! ;)



Once more, with feeling.

When you re-edit the content, change the title and add new pictures (if needed, of course). Apart from these basic changes, try to look outside the box. Think of other opportunities this new old post may give you.

You can prepare a slide share or a short video made from pictures. Think about adding a checklist or a printable PDF. Why not writing a more detailed version of it and promote it as a free resource in exchange for an email? This way you will have a possibility to enlarge your mailing list.

Here’s a list of ideas what can you do to make your old post even more attractive:

  • a PDF version of the post ready to download;
  • free e-book for subscribers regarding the subject;
  • a slide share or short presentation to download;
  • podcast or audio version of the post;
  • video or video series regarding the subject;
  • downloadable checklist, report, e-course, etc
  • ‘how to’ tutorials with screens or videos;
  • slideshow or new pictures within the post;
  • Pinterest friendly (vertical) images, if you use Pinterest as your social network
  • CTA (call to action); for example sign up, click to get something, etc


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Invisible things that really matters.

As they say, if you see the top of the mountain above the sea level, there is far more under the see level, that you cannot see. I’d like to focus for a moment on these invisible elements of your old posts, that you can improve in order to create an opportunity for a better performance.

  • Post title; when changing the title make sure it is clear immediately for your readers and SEO friendly.
  • URL link; if you change the URL link, be sure you have the 301 redirection from the old one to the new one.
  • Broken links; check the links in the post; if some of them do not exist anymore, delete them or replace with ones that work.
  • Deep linking; I bet there are other posts you wrote about the similar topic. Link them up! Link the words within the content, or add a new paragraph with ‘Related post: xxx-link-xx’. This way you’ll deliver more info to your readers about the topic they are interested in;
  • Proofread for mistakes; eliminate any spelling or orthography errors within the post.
  • Readability experience; improve the readability of your post by breaking the huge block of text into smaller paragraphs, consider adding some images to break the text and subheadings.
  • Images; if you have images within your post, set up the meta tittle that includes the focus keyword;
remember to focus on SEO as well
  • Keywords; if you haven’t done it before, make sure you think about the best possible keywords that match the post.
  • SEO; if you are using a SEO plugin, check out how you can improve your SEO for that post.
  • Meta Description – specify the meta description, make sure it includes the keywords;
  • Snippets; if possible, change the snippet preview so it better represents the content of the post (this is the short description that appears in the Google Search, most often it shows your meta description and if you did not set it up, often times it will show the first 160 characters of your post content).


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Promote and promote again, s’il te plaît.

When your old posts are revamped and look fresh, promote them on your social media. Share the links and photos, write a short description to encourage your readers to read it and share them in the groups you’re a member of.

Look for new ways of promoting your old content. The online world changes continuously, users (customers, readers, followers, visitors) come and go, and… they forget they’ve read something already because the amount of e-information they gain each day is enormous.

Put some energy into refreshing your old posts and remember to enjoy the process ;)

Trust me: hence you see benefits of promoting the old wine posts, you will do it more often ;)


Habit is what keeps you going.

Not only new posts can increase the traffic to your website, but also the old ones. I believe that if you try to revamp the old posts, you will experience the benefits of it. Therefore consider adding this to your regular to-do-list.

Make it a habit.

If you  write and promote one new post a week, think of writing 3 new posts and refreshing one of the old ones. Moreover, you can simply add one more post (the old one) per month to your schedule.

If you do not have time to do so, perhaps you could consider promoting one of your old posts on social media every month? Once a month is not enough? Make it biweekly or even once a week. It all depends on you, your audience and the posts you’d like to republish.



Some benefits to sum up the subject.

Just a simple list, if you’re still not sure whether it is worth to revamp the old posts :

  • safe time, as it is easier to revamp the old post than it is to write a new one;
  • increase the traffic to your website without putting too much effort in it;
  • show respect to your own effort you put into writing the old post in the first place;
  • instead of repeating yourself with the same stuff, promote something that you already have;
  • boost the old posts that already are performing well;
  • your readers may have a better experience when reading posts on your website (if you improve the readability of the post);
  • readers can read the posts you published before they became your readers;
  • you are more efficient and your posts become more effective;
  • when revamping the old post you learn how much you’ve grown in your writing from the moment you published it for the first time.

Convinced now? I hope so ;)


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Do this today!

Firstly, if you would like to add anything to what I wrote, please do not hesitate to drop me a line in the comment section below. I will be happy to read your thoughts and answer questions if you have any.

Secondly, select three to five old posts from your own wine blog. Re-read them and think what you can change to make them more interesting and up-to-date. Remember to promote them on your social media!

Good luck! I believe it will bring you some more traffic to these posts.


With love; and raising a glass of Saint Emilion to your success!

Ela, Wine Lady


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