Proverbs for wine lovers

Have some fun with proverbs for wine lovers created by Wine Lady

I like to play games. I like the word games and I play with words as much as I can. It’s easier with my own language, but a little bit of ‘just kidding’ in another language is funny as well, especially when I am not sure if I really say what I mean. I have a lot of fun with popular proverbs, which took on a new meaning and became my famous proverbs for wine lovers ;)

I find them funny even if no one else is laughing.


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Personally, I LOL really loud.

In alphabetical order, because I haven’t invented anything better yet ;)


  1. “A journey of a thousand wines begins with a single step.”
    To be fluent in wine, you need to taste a lot, read a lot, visit a lot and practise a lot. Achieve your goals by working constantly on your wine skills, little by little, day by day. It may seem like too much work, but small steps, such like tiny sips of wine, will help you to achieve your goals.
  2. “All good things must come to a glass of wine.”
    When you are upset or angry, a glass of wine may make things work again. When you are happy, celebrate over a glass of wine. When there’s no occasion to celebrate, have a glass of wine. There’s no doubt a glass of wine is a good thing. Let it come.
  3. “A little bit of wine knowledge is a dangerous thing.”
    I bet everyone knows a person, who is at the beginning of a wine journey, but he or she feels like a wine expert. They do things they shouldn’t and they mess everything up. Remember: the more you know about wine, the more you need to learn.
  4. “A picture is worth a thousand wines.”
    Pictures convey emotions better than spoken or written explanations. That’s why it is good to take photos during a wine party, so you know exactly what people have been doing. I’m sure you remember everything you’ve been doing yourself, don’t you?
  5. “Beauty is in the glass of the beholder.”
    Different people have different ideas about what is truly beautiful in wine. It may be the colour, the aroma, the flavours, the oak or the winemaker. In wine everything is beautiful apart from having no wine at all. So love the wine you’re with at the moment!
  6. “Better the wine you know than the one you don’t.”
    Sometimes you have to make a choice between two bad wines. It’s safer to pick the one you already experienced, as the other wine may be worse. Same thing with the wines you pick for guests: pick the wine you know, as the other one may turn a nice dinner into a nightmare. And the wine will be on your hands.
  7. “Birds of a feather wine together.”
    People tend to spend time with others who are similar to them. Think of wine lovers you truly like and try to meet them in person. If they are already your friends try stuck with them. Perhaps you will get a free wine from time to time as an addition to this friendship.
  8. “Don’t bite the hand that wines you.”
    If someone’s giving you wine for free or helping you out with your wine business (for free), you have to be very careful not to make them angry or upset with you. You don’t want to lose your free-range-wine-provider, do you?
  9. “Don’t judge a wine by its cover.”
    The label doesn’t matter. The bottle doesn’t matter. The brand doesn’t matter. The glass you’re using doesn’t matter. The only thing that really matters is whether you enjoy the wine you are drinking or not. Focus on liquid, look for positive experiences and feel the joy.
  10. “Don’t put all your wines in one cellar.”
    Don’t risk, it’s your wine we’re talking about. Have a backup plan: a wine box here, a wine box there, a wine fridge in the kitchen, another one in the dining room, a 24h 7/7 wine shop near you is also a good idea. Be creative, make sure your wine is safe.
  11. “Easy wine, easy go.”
    The ‘easy go’ is a super-funny and sometimes embarrassing lie-down-body-posture. After drinking easily, you will have problems with going anywhere, so it’s better to lie down and patiently wait for the hangover.
  12. “Good things come to those who wine.”
    Wine yourself up in order to open your mind for good things and be patient. Eventually something good will happen to you. If not, then a glass of your favourite wine will do the job. If that doesn’t help either, you still have some wine left in the bottle…
  13. “Hope for the best wine, but prepare for the worst.”
    When going for a lunch or dinner, be prepared that bad things may happen, such as bad wine or no wine at all. Just in case, make sure you have a lifebuoy – a bottle that you can drink when no one’s looking.
  14. “If wine ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”
    Don’t try to improve wine that already works fairly well. Don’t add lemon or sugar to it (yes! Some people really do it!), don’t dilute it with ice cubes and don’t add fruit juices or cola to it. If you really don’t like it, use it for cooking and open a different wine to enjoy on its own.
  15. “Keep your friends close and your wine closer.”
    Friends are important, so is wine. You’re lucky, if you have more than one great friend and at least a few favourite bottles of wine. For a perfect evening, make sure your best friend and favourite wine are in the same room (not in the cellar, though, as your friend may not age well) and share that bottle together, rising the glasses up for your friendship.
  16. “Necessity is the mother of wine.”
    When you’re in need, the first idea that pops up in your mind is a glass-of-wine-first-aid. Use this glass to open your creativity and be grateful for all of the creative solutions that comes to you with each sip of your favourite wine.
  17. “Never look a gift wine in the cork.”
    If someone offers you a bottle of wine as a gift, don’t question it. Be happy, show your gratitude and, if there is no other wine, open that gift bottle and enjoy it. Never smell a cork; you don’t want to look like an amateur.
  18. “The early bird catches the wine.”
    You should always be a few minutes earlier (or at least on time) if you want to succeed during wine events. You never know how many bottles of great wines are there to taste and how fast the wine can disappear in other’s stomachs.
  19. “There’s no such thing as a free wine.”
    Wine that is offered for free often has a hidden cost. You will either have to participate in the bill, buy a bottle next time or give back a favour that may be worth even more than the free bottle. So be prepared, evil doesn’t sleep.
  20. “There’s no wine like the present.”
    If you need to do something, for example, buy more bottles of wine to fill in your cellar or open a bottle of wine, don’t wait until later. Think about the present, do it now and enjoy it NOW, because ‘tomorrow never comes’…
  21. “Two bottles of wine are better than one.”
    I am sure I don’t have to explain this proverb, as it is as clear as a drop of fine wine. It is better, though, to start the evening with the most special wine as there is a possibility that you won’t remember the other bottle anyway.
  22. “Wine helps those who help themselves.”
    Don’t just wait for good wines to happen to you. Don’t just imagine yourself drinking a great wine or meeting other wine lovers you admire. Work hard to achieve your goals, act instead of just-saying and you will see how your wine life will change.
  23. “Wine practice makes perfect.”
    You have to practice your wine lover’s skills a lot to become a perfect wine lover. Taste as much and as different wines as you can, cook with wine, pair wine with food, attend wine events and meet other wine lovers. The more you do, the better you become.
  24. “You can’t make a wine without breaking a few grapes.”
    Focus on the good results of what you’re doing and you will succeed. The better you are in your wine activities, the more people will be annoyed or angry with you. Don’t worry about them; the world of wine is big enough to make new friends if needed.


Let’s wine together

I’ve not only shared my creativity, but also had a lot of fun doing it. So.. now it’s your turn! :)

Firstly, I’d like to know which of the proverbs you like the most.

Secondly, I would love to invite you to have some fun and share your own proverbs for wine lovers – I am sure you’ll create something funny ;)


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