Benefits of publishing tasting notes on your wine blog

How to benefit from publishing tasting notes on your wine blog - by Wine Lady

As wine lovers we are not only interested in how wine is being made or what the wine regions of the world are, but – mostly – we are wine lovers because of our love to wine. And because of we taste wine we should consider publishing tasting notes online.

My personal definition of a wine-lover is:

a person, who loves wine, who tastes it and is (or may start to be) interested in the world of wine at some point’

You write about wine, am I correct?

You consider yourself a wine-lover, am I correct?

You are interested in the world of wine (or in any of its parts) BECAUSE you taste wines and it makes you feel hungry of knowledge about the terroir, the winemakers, the processes that are taking place in the winery or vineyards etc. Am I correct?

So the conclusion is: you taste wine. Am I correct?

C’mon, say YES ;)

Probably you taste a lot of wine – many different wine regions, many different grape varieties, and many different producers. So if you taste so many wines, if you have experience in tasting wines and your own opinion may be helpful to others, why not to recommend them wines that you think are worthwhile trying?

I’m not saying you have to write about every single wine you taste, but I think publishing tasting notes or wine reviews on your blog may be very beneficial for both you and your readers.

Why? Let’s have a closer look at the benefits from publishing tasting notes on your blog.


Publishing tasting notes – benefits for you:

  • You are considered to be a wine expert who tastes lots of wines;
  • You recommend the wines you like, you create opinions and may become a tasting-leader for others ;
  • If your reader tastes 2-3 wines that have been recommended by you and likes them, he or she will be more keen on coming back to your blog to check new wine recommendations;
  • You progress in wine tasting, writing tasting notes kind of obliged you to taste more wine;
  • You progress in wine writing, you look for new words to describe wine and extend your tasting note vocabulary;
  • You get new visitors to your site – people who found your blog because they were looking for info about particular wine;
  • Tasting notes give you more keywords and interesting content for Google that may positively influence your website’s positioning;
  • You keep an online records of your tasting notes that you can easily reach from all around the world;
  • People are quite lazy, they don’t want to think about their own impressions about wine if they can read a tasting note – make sure you have a good collection of tasting notes and wines to recommend.


Make sure you know how to write a tasting note (read my other article about how to write a tasting note). You can check how others do it (but do not copy them!) – some wine writers publish a short description of wine, some describes their own experience while tasting, while others write a very specific tasting note with all the details about wine. Which one you consider to be the best?

I believe publishing tasting notes on your blog may be very beneficial for you. Do you agree? Tell me, do you publish wine reviews and tasting notes on your website? How you do it? Do you read other people’s tasting notes? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.


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