Rosemount Estate – a wine playground for visitors

Rosemount Estate was another place Allison took me to during our first trip through McLaren Vale. There were so many people! I was very surprised. Coaches, groups of friends or family, people like us visiting the cellar door. It was very crowded and loud inside but it was a kind of beauty in it. A new experience for me such different from French chateaux!


Rosemount Estate Wine Lady


Cellar Door Rosemount Estate looks like it was built for tourists and I realized that everyone was leaving this place with at least few bottles of wine and a smile.

I bought two bottles (Nursery Project GMS and Little Berry) that I liked the most ;)


Rosemount Estate Wine Lady


I tried a couple of wines from Rosemount Estate portfolio, unfortunately there were no possibility to try wines from their Flagship Range therefore I will taste Balmoral and Single Vineyard Series the other day. The lady said quite clear that they open those wines only during winter. I said to her that on my hemisphere there is a winter and I smiled as beautifully as I could still having hope it will work.

It didn’t work. It’s not only the seasons that are different between Europe and Australia but also their sense of humour is totally different than ours ;)


Rosemount Estate Wine Lady


Anyway, I wanted to try some of the wines that were available for tasting. While waiting for the glass I’ve been thinking about how much I don’t like being a “wine tourist”. I get used to having tastings with winemakers or chateaux’ owners I can talk with. I don’t like being treated like a person who doesn’t know that Sauvignon Blanc is not a wine. And I didn’t came here to enjoy drinking wine for free. I didn’t ask for “any wine”, I knew exactly what I wanted to try. I am too old for that ;) Fortunately Allison was with me and she knows a lot about these wines!


Rosemount Estate Wine Lady


Rosemount Estate wines were tasty. Some of them were simple and perfect for everyday drinking while others were complex and better for Satursday’s dinner.

Diamond Label Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir Brut NV – (11% vol.,16$) was a bit neutral but definitely refreshing. Lots of lemon and lime with some hot alcohol flavours and medium long lemony finish.

Rosemount Estate Wine Lady


Diamond Label Pinot Grigio 2013 – (13% vol., 16$) a simple wine with some body and flavours of pineapple, apple and lemon

Wine Lady Pinot Grigio


Nursery Project Grenache McLaren Vale 2012 Cellar Door Exclusive – (13,5% vol., 30$) ripe red fruits with strawberry, raspberry and red currant and a hint of spices

Wine Lady Grenache Nursery Project Rosemount estate


Nursery Project GMG McLaren Vale Graciano Mataro Grenache 2011 Cellar Door Exclusive – (13% vol., 30$) beautiful bouquet with black fruits, spicy note and silky structure on the palate

WIne Lady Graciano Mataro Grenache


McLaren Vale Collection GSM No3 Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre 2013 – (14% vol., 25$) a bit more rustic in the mouth with pleasant fruity aromas

Wine Lady GSM


Little Berry 2012 McLaren Vale Cellar Door Exclusive – (14% vol., 30$) a full body wine with a character, beautiful blueberry note and black pepper flavours on the finish (read more here)


„O” Moscato 2013 – (7,5% vol., 16$) sweet, honey flavoured sparkling wine served with ice; it will be a winner for semi-sweet wine lovers especially in the summer because it is very refreshing

Rosemount Estate Wine Lady


Moscato Ruby „O” Cellar Door Exclusive 2013 – (7,5% vol., 18$) in the wine there is 5% of Shiraz grapes. It is served with ice and tastes like sparkling water with flavours of bubblegum and strawberries; a very good wine for hot days.

Rosemount Estate Wine Lady

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