SCREW by Georgia Felt– a photographic exhibition with a twist

Australia is not only beautiful but also very fascinating if it comes to its love to Art. No matter where I go there is an exhibition of pictures or paintings (whether more or less connected to wine). It looks natural for cellar doors to show bottles of wines altogether with pieces of art. Such a beauty! I’d like to introduce to you some of the pictures from a photographic exhibition in National Wine Centre, Adelaide, SCREW by Georgia Felt.


"The Babe"
“The Babe”

I go for a tasting and there are paintings all over the winery. I have a meeting with a winemaker and he talks about his wife’s sculptures as much as he does about wines he makes. I taste wine in the tasting room and read the brochures about Australian painters, writers, photographers. Seems like the art is always present in South Australia, no matter where I am and no matter what I do.


SCREW - Wine Lady review
“Under lock and key”


I miss art in my everyday life, I am hungry of it and there’s never enough. I miss this beauty, this artistic ecstasy that exists inside my heart, I miss all these feelings that touch my soul while watching a paint or a sculpture. Here, in SA, it became my day to day life. It feels like for South Australians the art of planting vineyards is as much important as is the art of painting the landscapes of the vines. In both there is beauty, in both there is Art. The Art with a capital ‘A’. A pure beauty itself. Bravo!


SCREW - Wine Lady review
“Happy love”

Few days ago I visited the National Wine Centre in Adelaide and the Wine Museum. To get there I needed to walk among trees and plants in Botanic Garden and it was such an amazing hour! I was in a very positive mood and ready for a wine discovery journey. There were two exhibitions in the Wine Centre and one of them was the photographic exhibition with a twist by Georgia Felt and I loved her pictures!



Georgia Felt ( is a photographer, she collects old stuff (including corkscrews) and is an owner of Zoom Photography Tours where she shows visitors the other meaning of photography, wine and food in South Australia.

Below you will find some more pictures from her exhibition.

SCREW by Georgia Felt – a photographic exhibition with a twist, 3-25 of March 2015, National Wine Centre of Australia in Adelaide.

SCREW - Wine Lady review
Georgia Felt – Screw, a photographic exhibition with a twist
SCREW - Wine Lady review
“Key party”
SCREW - Wine Lady review
SCREW - Wine Lady review
“Pin up”
SCREW - Wine Lady review
“The Beau”


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