Seppeltsfield Old Para Vintage Port 1984

What an incredible feeling! You can enter the Australian world of ancient wine, taste ‘your own’ vintage and even buy a 100ml bottle with a very VERY old wine. Ok, maybe not THAT old as my wine was only 31, let’s have a closer look at Seppeltsfield Old Para Vintage Port 1984.

It’s not cheap, but definitely worth its price. You just need to remember that you don’t pay for the wine, you pay for the emotions and memories.

The Vintage Port 1984 is thick and viscous, amber-brown coloured with golden hues. The aroma consists of sweet dried plums, raisins and toffee with a hint of chocolate and hazelnuts.

In the mouth there’s a lot of sweetness and high acidity. It was quite… fresh, creamy and well-balanced. On the palate the Port is full of dried fruit flavours (red raisins, plums, black fig), dark chocolate and a hint of black forest cake. The finish is long and vicious with notes of raisins, caramel and nuts.

Drinking my own vintage was an amazing experience. I could see my whole life in front of my eyes, I was looking at the wine in the glass and the gratefulness filled me up in just few seconds. Unbelievable feeling!

Seppeltsfield Old PARA Vintage Port 1984; pic- Seppeltsfield
Seppeltsfield Old PARA Vintage Port 1984; pic- Seppeltsfield

Seppeltsfield Old Para Vintage Port 1984 – wine review:

Wine – Old Para Vintage Port
Country – Australia
Region – Barossa
Appellation – Barossa Valley
Vintage – 1984
Grape varieties – Grenache, Shiraz, Mourvedre (full composition unknown)
Producer – Seppeltsfield
Vineyards – Barossa
Style and type – fortified; vintage Port
Alcohol – 21,5%
Barrel ageing – yes
Serving temperature – 15-18°C
Cellaring – yes, 100 years +
Price range – 400$ per 100ml bottle; 100$ at Seppeltsfield winery while tasting from barrel
Others – maturation in old fortified oak cask for 31 years
Tasting date – April 2015, Barossa Valley

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