How to set up goals successfully

How to set up goals successfully for wine business by Wine Lady

Here we are in 2017! As it is the beginning of the year, it is a perfect time to set up goals and make some New Year’s Resolutions. This year, however, let’s make sure we put enough energy towards our goals so we can celebrate at the end of the year!

Before we will think about setting new goals for 2017, firstly…


Let’s reflect on 2016

What business and personal goals have you achieved? How many of them you gave up or haven’t achieved? Why? Which of your wine blog posts were most popular among your readers? Which of them you enjoyed writing the most?

Have you let yourself to celebrate all your successes? If not, tonight you have a chance to raise a glass to everything you have done during last 12 months of 2016.

It doesn’t matter whether you finished all your projects or just some of them. What matters is the progress you’ve done in each area of your personal and business life. Equally important are all the small steps you have taken towards your goals.

Above all… Progress, not perfection.

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Starting with myself

Personally, I rarely set up goals and make New Year’s Resolutions at the beginning of the year. I do them as I go through weekly and monthly plans. Hence I finish one project, I give myself some time to celebrate and I set up new goals and start new projects. Under those circumstances I do not worry whether it is January, July or October. I ‘’just do it’’ – I set up goals and take action ;)


Firstly I set up goals in my personal and business life. I brainstorm myself in looking for all the possible ways to achieve those goals. Therefore at that moment it doesn’t matter whether those are good ideas or not, it is about having as many ideas as possible. I select the best ideas and I create projects in order to reach those goals. Next step is about splitting the big projects into smaller ones, and create simple tasks so that I can do on a daily basis.

As a result I can celebrate small successes daily and weekly. Moreover, those small successes give me a courage to work more and take me closer to reaching my big goals. It is a great motivational and inspirational action!

Likewise, I use the same pattern of creating and reaching goals for my wine blogs or online activities. It helps me to keep on track and control my progress; it helps me to improve my wine skills and develop my brands.

Before I will encourage you to set up goals and make any New Year’s Resolutions, let me remind you the golden rule when setting goals:


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SMART criteria

Most world best managers use the S.M.A.R.T. way to write management’s goals, that was introduce to the world in 1981. It is a simple guide to ensure the goals are set properly.


Here’s the S.M.A.R.T. acronym explanation to make it easier for you to understand:

S – specific and significant

M – measurable and meaningful

A – achievable and agreed upon

R – realistic and relevant

T – time limited and time based


In order to make sure your goals are SMART, ask yourself some questions when you set up goals:

What exactly do you want to achieve? Are you specific in what needs improvement? How you can measure your progress? What will indicate the progress? Is your goal achievable? Do you have resources to achieve it? Is your goal realistic and relevant? How much time do you need to achieve it? When do you think is the best time to start the project or when you need to finish it?



Have a look on each of your goals and make sure they are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time limited. Choose two or three most important ones (those ones that will have the biggest impact on your wine blog or wine business) and pin them somewhere on your eye level so you can often see them. When you will achieve these goals, you can set up new ones.

Keep in mind that setting up your goals doesn’t equal achieving them. It is important to realize that you need to create a plan and take action in order to achieve your goals.


How to get there?

Saying: ‘I want to monetize my wine blog’ might be not enough to monetize your blog. You need to know what to do to turn it into an online business. You need to find many ways of doing so and chose those that are achievable for you at that time.

For that reason consider your knowledge, the technical possibilities you’ve got or simply check what others do in your niche. Moreover, if you think there is too early to implement something (whether it will be an online shop or writing an ebook), keep it in mind and do what you can do today; you can always add more elements to your website and make it more advanced.

Let’s have a look at the example of a goal you might want to achieve. Setting the goals and preparing a step-by-step blueprint to achieve them might look like this:


Set up goals

(an example) To reach bigger audience by bringing 10% more followers on the main social media channels for first quarter of the year in order to gather 10% more readers (unique visitors) to the wine blog in the first 3 months of the year. It can be split into two smaller ones, though)


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Example of brainstorming the ideas:

Add new categories to the blog and write about a wider range of topics; attract travel-lovers, not only wine lovers, by writing about what to visit in wine regions; attract people who drink spirits by writing about other alcohol products; reach the followers of other famous wine bloggers; write fewer posts per week and spend more time on promoting them; connect with more wine lovers; new social media strategy; new social media channels; mailing lists and newsletters; promotions in the magazines or on other wine blogs; guest posts; freebies or online courses to attract readers; vlogs or podcasts instead of just-written wine blog posts;  etc


Example big projects you might select as the most significant ones:

  • New social media network
  • New strategy for existing social media
  • Adding ‘spirits and cocktails’ category to the blog
  • Guest posts on famous wine blogs
  • etc


Example smaller projects might look like this:

An example for the first project from the above list – New social media network. In other words, reaching out to a new audience on new social media network, let’s say Twitter;

(2.1) Setting up an account on Twitter;

(2.2) Strategy for activities on Twitter;

(2.3) Self promo and connection with other wine lovers on Twitter;

(2.4) Changes on the blog regarding Twitter.


Example tasks for smaller projects might look like this:

(2.1) New account on Twitter:

– create an account

– set up the account

– profile pictures and header images for the profile

– etc

(2.4) Changes on the blog.

– add a Twitter share button after each post

– ‘click to tweet’ within the posts

– a Twitter widget on the home page

– etc


You will benefit from mapping out the exact steps towards your goal. Moreover, it will help you to focus on what’s important. Focusing on small task will lead you to bigger ones and eventually you will be able to reach your final goals.


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So… how to be successful in setting the goals and New Year’s Resolutions?

Let’s sum it up by listing the steps you might take to succeed in order to achieve goals:

  • Make sure you know exactly what you want to achieve
  • Write a list of your goals and select two or three most significant ones for your wine business or wine blog
  • Make sure your goals are SMART
  • For each of those chosen goals create projects that will help you achieve them
  • If needed, create smaller projects within the big ones and list the small tasks you can do on a daily basis
  • Prioritize those tasks and put them into an order of importance
  • Do not waste too much time on thinking and planning- take an action
  • Remember to celebrate your successes – small tasks, small projects, big projects and goals


Your turn now!

Set up your own goals for 2017! If you do not set up goals regularly, or if you do it in your personal life but you have never done it for your wine blog, why not try it right now?

Think about what would you like to achieve if it comes to your wine blog?

Is there anything important to you?

Perhaps you would like to monetize your wine passion and turn it to a business?

Or maybe you would like to start writing about other wine niche?

Write it down and choose 2 big goals that are most important to you and most significant to your wine blog. Remember to make sure that your goals are SMART and that you have access to all the resources you need to achieve them.

After choosing the goals, brainstorm yourself and write down all the ideas that might help you achieve those goals. Choose the ideas that will have the biggest impact on your goal and create projects. Split those projects into smaller tasks that you can do daily to make the progress towards your goals.


The fewer the better

Another key point. It is good to remember that having more than 2-3 goals may be overwhelming, especially at the beginning and for those who are not experienced with the process.

Many people, however, set up 10 goals and try to reach them simultaneously. No wonder why they cannot reach any of them!

For that reason start with one or two goals. Focus on them and enjoy the process!



Furthermore, if your wine blog is just a place where you share your passion, there’s no need to spend time and put so much effort and energy in the strategy and goal setting. At the same time I encourage you to think about little changes that may bring you better results and, for example, more readers.

In fact, you write online to share your wine passion with others, don’t you? ;)

Whereas your wine website is not only a blog but also your wine business, consider spending some time on setting goals and creating a strategy for your online activities. Surely, a good strategy will be very helpful for your wine business. It may help you to build a strong and recognizable brand as well.


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Challenge yourself this year!

New Year is not only about goals and resolutions but also dreams. Therefore… What do you dream about?

Challenge yourself and write down all the wine dreams you would like to make real. Whether it will be having an old vintage of a famous wine or visiting a new wine region… promise yourself to do everything you can to make it real. And later, when you will make it real, share your success with me :)

You can also join a Wine Lovers Challenge, so we can motivate each others and celebrate the successes together with others!


So… tell me…

What do you dream of as a wine lover? Have you set up your New Year’s Resolutions? What goals have you set up for your wine blog or wine business? I will be happy to read about it in the comments below!






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