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hi, I'm Ela

Wondering who's behind Wine Lady?

find out more about who I am, what I do, how I get into wine and why I believe in magic ;)

These days: the content, the traffic, the audience, design, marketing strategy and personal branding, as well as social media, are extremely important in order to succeed in an online wine world.

Whether you are an online wine business owner, wine website developer, wine blogger or wine lover, you need to be familiar with the basics.

Therefore, if you are looking for tips and inspiration on how to:

  • develop a strategy for your online wine business
  • build a strong personal branding in wine niche
  • market your business online using best marketing strategies
  • reach a bigger audience and get more traffic to your wine website
  • get as much as possible out of social media for your brand
  • implement basics of SEO / positioning for your wine site
  • share your wine knowledge online
  • run a wine blog successfully and fully enjoy it
  • become a better (wine)person through self-development
  • and, of course, learn more about the world of wine

...then is the perfect place for you. is full of incredibly helpful resources that you can use to grow online. You will find here interesting topics, tips and ideas. I will inspire you to take action, I will motivate you to become better; step by step.

I am extremely passionate about what I do and I believe so are you. I believe you are as much in love with wine as I am. I believe each of us has a lot to share as well as we can learn from each other. I believe we can create something extraordinary together.


on the blog

Blog posts are categorized into 5 sections:

  1. Wine Marketing - digital marketing, social media, promotional strategy, market insights, and more
  2. Wine Business - management, branding, self-improvement, wine business online, and more
  3. All About Wine - my passion to wine, life in winery and vineyard, wine travels, tasting notes, and more
  4. Inspiring People - incredible people I met and admire, interviews with wine ladies and gentlemen, and more
  5. Wine Blogging - tips and tricks for wine bloggers, roundup posts, and more

Additionally, each post within categories is tagged to help you find other articles regarding the particular subject. You will find tags at the bottom of each post.

Now go and visit my BLOG to find other useful articles, interesting wine stories and enjoy reading!

Wine Lady and videos? That's something new!

At the beginning of 2017 I've been walking around the vineyards with my smartphone, talking to the screen and recording it to try myself out; to test whether I like it or not.

And I liked it, seriously!

I recorded more and more and ... I think I was having too much fun with it, as I decided to start sharing these videos with you!

So even if there are more imperfections than perfections in my videos at this stage, even if I am not 'a pro' yet (I bet I will progress a lot within a few months time!), and even if I am not sure whether it will become inseparable part of my business or not, I am going to continue sharing my new 'Wine & Video' adventure in public ;)

There's a new VIDEO page on, where you will find videos ready to watch.

Enjoy and feel free to share your opinion with me!

fancy some videos?

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adult oriented

I write for people who are at the legal age of drinking. Although I cover many marketing, business and blogging topics, I also write about wine. It means that at you will find alcohol related content, wine tasting tips, info about wine producers and brands, etc.

Therefore you need to be at the legal drinking age in your country in order to read articles on this site, join my email list and follow me on social networks.

In most countries the legal age of drinking is 18, but there are exceptions (e.g. in USA -21, Iceland -20, Japan -20). Moreover, some countries have restrictions regarding the legal age for alcohol adverts and promotion. Make sure you are legally allowed to view alcohol related content.

If you are under legal drinking age in your country, please leave this website and come back when you'll become an adult ;)

And remember that alcohol may be harmful to your health. If you drink, drink with moderation.

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