Vintage Fortified Shiraz 2006

Wine Lady dArenberg Vintage Fortified Shiraz 2006

“From the first declared vintage in 1928, our fortified wines have been Shiraz based, and the vines that produced the original vintage still provide the grapes for this wine. These old vines are stumpy, gnarled and deep rooted, distinguished by their small bunches of highly coloured and intensely flavoured grapes. Each year, they are heavily hand pruned during winter and subsequently hand-harvested at extreme ripeness in late summer. After being gently crushed, this wine then spends up […]

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McMurtrie Mile, McLaren Vale most famous wine trail

Wine Lady McMurtrie Mile McLaren Vale

One of the most famous wine trails in McLaren Vale is called McMurtrie Mile and it is located on McMurtrie Road ;) There are few wineries (Primo Estate, Hugh Hamilton Wines, Wirra Wirra Vineyards, Brick Klin), a brewery (McLaren Vale Beer Company) and two restaurants (Salopian Inn, Red Poles) on McMurtrie Road and all of them are worthwhile visiting.   Nat McMurtrie I had a pleasure to meet one of M.’s best friends, Nat McMurtrie, whose vineyards […]

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Stevens Family Shiraz 2010

Wine Lady wine review Graham Stevens Family Shiraz 2010

“Shiraz grapes grown on the Stevens Estate Vineyards in the McLaren Vale wine region were used to produce this dry red wine of exceptional quality. 15 months maturation in new American oak hogsheads has enhanced the intense flavours & characteristics of this well balanced wine, giving it excellent cellaring potential, along with immediate drinkability.” It is difficult not to agree with this statement from the back label of this wine. I have a huge exclamation mark in […]

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d’Arenberg The Noble Mud Pie 2011

Wine Lady d'Arenberg The Noble Mud Pie

The Noble Mud Pie 2011, another wine from The Noble series of d’Arenberg sweet wines, is not as good as The Noble Wrinkled which I wrote about last week, but comparing to other botrytis wines I’ve tasted so far in Australia it is a very good wine and I think it is worth to share my tasting notes with you.     The colour of the wine in the glass is seducing – gold and yellow with […]

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The Noble Wrinkled Riesling 2011

Wine Lady d'Arenberg The Noble Wrinkled Riesling

The Noble Wrinkled is the first sweet wine of the huge d’Arenberg portfolio I’ve had opportunity to taste and I am still impressed with its freshness and balance! The wine in the glass was gold and syrupy. The aroma was fresh and intense with green apple, sweet red apple, green pepper, matches and honey. In the mouth The Noble Wrinkled Riesling 2011 is viscous and sticky, but very fresh. The structure is solid and layered, the body […]

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The Amaranthine Single Vineyard Shiraz 2010

The Amaranthine is the last of three wines from ‘Amazing Sites’ line I’ve tasted while visiting d’Arenberg’s cellar door. There were only three of them available for tasting, so hopefully next time I will have opportunity to taste the entire range ;) The 2010 was a good year in McLaren Vale with wines showing varietal character and complexity. The Amaranthine Shiraz 2010 is a opaque ruby wine with bouquet full of sweet plums, cherries, blackberries and blueberries […]

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The Swinging Malaysian Single Vineyard Shiraz 2010

The Swinging Malaysian Single Vineyard Shiraz 2010 is another wine from the ‘Amazing-Sites’ line wines of portfolio of d’Arenberg. This is also the wine I loved the most of all of the d’Arenberg’s wines I’ve tasted during my trip to Australia earlier this year. It has everything I look in Australian Shiraz from McLaren Vale! Let’s take a look at my tasting note The wine in the glass was thick, oily and dark red coloured with some […]

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Visiting McLaren Flat: Graham Stevens, Parri Estate and Woodstock

McLaren Flat is located in the flatlands to the East of the town of McLaren Vale heading towards the Adelaide Hills. There are some of great cellar doors and I’ve visited almost all of them at the beginning of this year. I had a great time and I’ve tasted many beautiful wines! Last month I wrote about six cellar doors that form ‘Flatmates’ – now it’s time for the rest of cellar doors that are located in […]

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DogRidge Grand Old Brand New 2011

While visiting DogRidge earlier this year, Fred, the owner and winemaker, said: “it is wine that becomes the part of our life, not the other way round. In France newborn child has wine is its mouth, before he even gets his first breath. Here, in Australia, we decide ourselves whether we want wine to be part of our life or not”. I think there’s something interesting in what he said, although I don’t see any of these […]

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The Vociferate Dipsomaniac Single Vineyard Shiraz 2010

As I am interested in everything related to wine, especially when it has a word ‘maniac’ in its name, it was obvious to taste this one. The Vociferate Dipsomaniac is one of eighteen wines that create a line called ‘Amazing Sites’; most of them are Single Vineyard wines and apart from three Grenaches, the rest are varietal Shiraz.   What does the name mean? D’Arenberg explains it this way: “Fourth generation family winemaker Chester Osborn believes the […]

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Coppermine Road 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon

In my notebook there is a huge exclamation mark and the name of this icon wine is highlighted in bright yellow and there is a reason for that: the Coppermine Road 2010 is an extraordinary wine that will always remain in my memory for its beautiful aromas and rich flavours. I am so in love with McLaren Vale’s Cabernet Sauvignons! The back label gives the answer to a question about where the name comes from? “Coppermine Road […]

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Ironstone Pressings GSM 2010

The Ironstone Pressings GSM 2010 is one of d’Arenberg’s icon wines, alongside Dead Arm and Coppermine Road. It is the classic example of Australian GSM blend. Why ‘ironstone’? What is the story behind the label? This is what I found in the back label: “Most of McLaren Vale’s acclaimed and historic vineyards are impregnated with ancient, decomposed laterite granite known as ironstone. Its extraordinary rusty red-brown colour is derived from the iron oxides present in the stone. […]

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Dead Arm Shiraz 2010

I’ve already tried The Dead Arm Shiraz 2006 (read wine review) and I loved it! It was good to compare the two vintages of one wine, in particular that the wine was made from vine partially affected by a Dead Arm disease. Let’s Dead Arm Shiraz 2010! Here’s what d’Arenberg writes about the 2010 vintage: “Good winter rains ensured adequate sub-soil moisture and set vines up well with healthy canopies. There was unseasonably hot weather during flowering, […]

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