2017 Wine Lovers Challenge

Wine Lovers Challenge 2017 with Wine Lady

Let’s have some fun together! Join me in 2017 Wine Lovers Challenge and enjoy making your wine dreams come true. New Year is not only about goals and resolutions but also dreams. Let’s make 2017 special! Therefore…   What do you dream of? Would you like to have an old vintage of your favourite wine? Or perhaps you are dreaming of visiting a new wine region? What about reading a few wine books or writing your own […]

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Proverbs for wine lovers

Have some fun with proverbs for wine lovers created by Wine Lady

I like to play games. I like the word games and I play with words as much as I can. It’s easier with my own language, but a little bit of ‘just kidding’ in another language is funny as well, especially when I am not sure if I really say what I mean. I have a lot of fun with popular proverbs, which took on a new meaning and became my famous proverbs for wine lovers ;) […]

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The colour of the wine – my favourite one!

colours of wine by Wine Lady

About a year ago I participated in a writing and photography challenge. I found the notes about it in my notebook a few days ago and I decided to share it with you as it is quite hmm.. easy to read and honest ;) The challenge subject for that day was ‘my favourite colour’ in a picture and I’ve interpreted it my own way making it, of course, a wine-focused one. I described my favourite colour as […]

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How to make a Dream Board for Wine Lovers

We all dream about something and we all are happy when our dreams come true. As wine lovers we dream about wines we would like to taste, wine regions we would like to visit, wine people we would like to meet in person or any other wine-related thing that we don’t have and we want to have. The more we think about our dreams, the more we believe in ourselves, the closer the dreams are and the […]

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