Fete Le Vin with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Libourne

Arnold Schwarzenegger Libourne Fete Le Vin with Wine Lady

Life is full of surprises, whether you believe in it or not. Mostly, they come to us when we don’t expect them, yet often times it’s the moment when we need them the most. Thinking I could ever see my idol and my biggest inspiration, Arnold Schwarzenegger in Libourne, sounds a lot too crazy. On the other hand… C’est la vie! And la vie is beautiful. And la vie is full of surprises. This crazy little thing […]

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Wine & Video: Visiting Maury and Banyuls

Wine and videos series of short videos from around the world about wine delivered to you by Wine Lady; this time - visiting Maury and Banyuls

Last few days were fantastic! I went on a trip to the Midi to visit some of the most beautiful vineyards of Languedoc-Roussillon region. The weather was so good, that I was having lunch outside in a short sleeve! Unbelievable!   Maury I have re-visited Maury with its stunning landscapes and wonderful Grenache and Carignan vineyards. In two videos below you will see some of them, including one of the most beautiful vineyards in Maury with more […]

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Machine harvest 2016 – Saint Colombe, Bordeaux

Machine Harvest 2016 experience by Wine Lady

TODAY has started very early, as about 4 o’clock in the morning M. woke me up saying (shouting, to be exact) that he is dying. He couldn’t feel his foot; he couldn’t move it, he could barely walk! So since the very early morning I was up and ready to not-my-work, as during the harvest there are no weekends off, so M. works both Saturdays and Sundays. Being his ‘personal taxi driver’ meant I had to work […]

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Jeff Carrel Goldfisch 2015

Wine Lady Jeff Carrel Goldfisch 2015

I am a huge fan of bone dry Rieslings, especially those from Germany and Austria. Therefore, in general, I keep away from tasting new Rieslings as very often they are too sweet for me. This time, though, I decided to buy a bottle of Jeff Carrel Goldfisch 2015 as I’ve tasted many of Jeff Carrel’s wines before and they were exceptional. This way I found an outstanding French Riesling that I could fill my cellar with!   […]

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One day in Bordeaux… the travel that changed my life

one day, my first day, in Bordeaux - the trip to France that changed my life forever - Wine Lady shares her story

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, there was a beautiful princess. She had a beautiful big house surrounded by beautiful landscapes. She didn’t have to work, she didn’t have to worry about anything, and she was never sad or angry. She was eating only natural food, always beautifully served. She could spend her days in the massive garden, lying down on the beautifully green grass, talking to animals and flowers and enjoying the […]

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En Primeur 2015 – Bordeaux, 4-8.04.2016


I will be honest with you guys: I haven’t been too excited with this year’s En Primeur 2015 as I’ve been so busy lately I had no time to think about the preparation for the Bordeaux most famous wine event. Until Monday I didn’t even care about printing the invitations for all of the 2015 tastings! Today is Saturday, a day after all the tastings have been finished, and finally I have some time to sit down […]

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Vintage 2015 – harvest update #3

Harvest update Vintage 2015 by Wine Lady

The weather in France hasn’t been nice lately although the new week brings back the sun and it’s very warm at the moment (20-28 degrees). Almost everywhere whites have been already picked and reds are being picked or are still on vines waiting to be harvested at the beginning of October. Time for third harvest update! It’s been more than a week when the weather went bad in Bordeaux- it has been raining every day with lots […]

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2015 harvest report update, 9th of September

We are confident of volume as well as quality of the grapes! Berries are healthy and concentrated, bunches are big and clean and the weather is perfect for picking. I am in touch with winemakers and winegrowers to provide you my harvest report update. Let’s get through what’s going on at the moment: Bordeaux, France Right Bank. Whites (first Sauvignon Blancs) have been already picked and they are fermenting in the wineries. Other Sauvignon Blancs (for fuller […]

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Vintage 2015 – harvest report 2015 update, 1st of September

Two words about what’s going on at the moment! A short harvest report 2015 update for grapes picking Harvest Report 2015, Wine Lady   Bordeaux It looks like we’re picking! Whites for the sparkling base wine has been already picked, some of the Semillons are also already in the winery. Other producers start picking tomorrow and during next few days (depends on the grape variety and the land the vines are grown). The alcohol level may be […]

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A year has passed and the sun still shines in Bordeaux

Summer. 2014. June. July. August. September. October. November. December. 2015. January. February. March. April. May. June. Summer. Weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds. Each of them consist of pieces of summer. The butterflies in the stomach are lively and hundreds of suns warm the heart. Continuously. But let’s start from the beginning. Exactly one year ago, on 26th of June, I got home. My new home.It was 11:06 pm. My neighbour and his son accompanied me in […]

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La Voute Selection Terroir 2012

La Voute Selection Terroir 2012 is one of the best barrel aged Burgundy-style whites I ever tasted! The older the better, although the wine is also very good and refreshing while drinking young. Below you will find two short tasting notes – one from my last tasting (Jan 2015) and the second one from October 2013, just a while after the wine had been bottled. (January 2015) Thick wine with a golden colour and amazing, fresh aroma. […]

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Les Tuileries 2012 Coteaux du Giennois

Les Tuileries 2012 comes from appellation Coteaux du Giennois, which lies North from Pouilly Fume and Sancerre in the Loire Valley. Only Sauvignon Blanc grapes may be used for the production of white wines in the Coteaux du Giennois AOC. Whites are considered to be light and basic. They are not very popular although I think they are great as a summer refreshing beverage. Les Tuileries 2012 has medium deep, greeny-straw colour and it is quite watery. […]

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Miss Eugenie Extra Brut Methode Traditionelle NV (2014)

One look at the bottle of  Miss Eugenie 2014 and I was in love! In my opinion Jerome Choblet is the master of wine labels as each wine I have a pleasure to taste had very interesting label. In general, Jerome’s wines have not only great labels but also the wines are extraordinary. Let’s have a closer look at this women-friendly sparkling wine ;) (Men will also enjoy it, but we will fall in love with the […]

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