Important celebrations for drink lovers. (wine days calendar)

wine days calendar, wine celebrations,wine events, cocktail days, spiritsdays, beer days - a very useful calendar delivered to you by ElaWine Lady

Wine days, cocktail days, spirit days, beer days, grape variety holidays, wine events and wine celebrations – they all are in one place, so you always know what to celebrate. Although as all types of drink lovers we do not need a reason to taste, it is nice to raise a glass with millions of others all around the world. This wine calendar (and cocktail calendar, and spirits calendar, and beer calendar) will keep you on the […]

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Txakoli from Getaria – one reason to visit Spain

I often visit Spain. It takes me only about three hours from home to get to a beautiful town of San Sebastian. I love this place! Because of its beauty and tasty pintxos with a glass of local sparkling wine. Going further to the west, along the shore of the Bay of Biscay, you get to the little-known vineyards of Getaria. For me one of the most beautiful places in the world.     Getaria –a hidden […]

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To gris or not to gris – thinking over Australian Pinot G

Pinot Grigio or Pinot Gris? None or both? Does the different name of the same variety indicates the taste of the wine? I have never been thinking too intensively about that, because the answer was very simple: those are two different names of one grape variety with just the style of the wine being different depending on the wine production region. While visiting one of Australian’s Cellar Doors, during the conversation with the owner of the winery […]

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